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Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2019: Heat Three

Zoots, Stags and seasonal dating

Last but not least, we have heat three and your last four contenders before the final. We must say, we're impressed with the level of FIT Southampton is providing in this one.

On with the boys…

Joe Bates, Sociology and Criminology

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If the above photo doesn't make Joe an eligible bachelor with that man bag, then the fact he says he's looking for "wifey #10" might help his case. However, we're not sure the three words used to describe him, "grower not shower", have quite the same effect.

Ideal first date?

"Cutie with a zooty" – he's fit AND he's a poet, wow.

Billy Karidis, Mechanical Engineering

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Described in three words as a "golden Greek god", Billy seems like a strong contender. Not only is he Greek, he can surf and has a great smile. He's also no stranger to receiving Crushampton posts about him. We'll look out for the initials BK next time.

Ideal first date?

Impressing a girl with free drinks in Stags.

Yinka Sobamiwa, Accounting and Finance

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Not only do his house mates rate his dress sense, they describe him as an "absolute angel". Whilst Yinka might be described as an angel, he's also a proper gym lad who goes "HARD" – can we see the abs, please?

Ideal first date?

We were given two options. Either an exciting funfair trip or anime and chill. At least it wasn't Netflix and chill, right? Too basic.

Sebi Bramah, Aeronautical Engineering

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Having had his mum as the only woman in his life so far, Sebi has felt a bit lonely since arriving at uni and is keen to find himself a girlfriend. If that isn't enough, he basically builds planes on the daily as an Aeronautical Engineer. In three words, he's described as tall, dark and handsome.

Ideal first date?

Winchester Christmas Market, followed by a Wagas. This might mean you'll have to wait 'til December to get your chance with him.

There you have your last four bachelor entries. Now it comes to deciding who joins the rest in the final.

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