Paige Tracey
Liberal Arts and Sciences student at Birmingham (you know, that course no one has heard about). Basically just Philosophy and English. There, you happy now?

Former Green MEP thinks Britain should leave the EU

Irish politician Patricia McKenna explains Brexit to the Tab

Today is the last day to vote for an NUS referendum at Birmingham

The vote closes at 4pm on the Guild website – don’t miss out!

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You still get to keep your student discount

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Sadly, not how to do your taxes

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‘Oh, you’re from BURRRMINGHUM!’

UOB Students begin campaign to leave the NUS

The UOB NUS Sceptics movement has been kicked into force

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He’s a man with a plan

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Just like the bitchy table at high school, nobody actually likes us

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Some of my friends wanted me silenced

Hipster students are just awful

They’re some of the most boring people you will ever meet

‘No platforming’ is a stupid trend

If you won’t have your views challenged you shouldn’t be at University

Why vegans are annoying

And I’m a vegetarian

Students from the South are SO annoying

Birmingham is not in the ‘North’, alright?