Benedict Lelijveld

Benedict Lelijveld
Oxford Brookes University


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Poll: Where is the best place to live in Oxford?

Let’s face it, it isn’t Headington

We don’t really know why, but the SU might be changing it’s name to ‘Hoi Polloi Students’ Union’

No joke, there is an open meeting about it on the eighth of March and anyone can vote

Meet Tobias Lineker: The Brookes third year and son of TV’s Gary Lineker

Look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn’t want to be part of this family

Meet Tobias Lineker: The Brookes third year and son of Gary Lineker

Look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn’t want to be part of this family

OXFIT is back this semester and it actually works

It’s time to finally lose that Freshers’ weight

Come Dine With Me is coming to Oxford, and you can be on it

You could be the next Peter Marsh

People are already queueing outside Finders Keepers to get a house for next year

The housing lists go live on Tuesday

Mamma Mia Two is being filmed in Oxford RIGHT NOW

Get yourself to Queens Lane asap

Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ Week Special

Brookes is back, back again

Brookes second year dies in tragic accident in Bali

He was part of the Brookes rowing club

A whole restaurant literally dedicated to gin is coming to South Park

Headington just got even better

Brookes has been ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK

Suck it Plymouth

50 per cent of Brookes students are voting Conservative in the upcoming election

Compared to 32 per cent Labour

Brookes win BUCS to become the best rowing university in the UK

And probably the world

Which is the rah-est society at Brookes?

Pardy, anyone?

Result: The best place to have sex in Oxford is the JHB

Late night revision just got sexy

Poll: Where is the best place to have sex in Oxford?

You know it isn’t Wheatley

The SU bar is now selling hot cross bun cheeseburgers and we don’t know what to think

Really getting into the easter spirit

We interviewed staff in the best places on Cowley to find out what they really think about Brookes

In short, we drink a lot

The Safer Sex Ball is coming to Oxford

So naughty, but so nice

Brookes Chancellor Katherine Grainger has been given a damehood

she’s Britain’s most decorated female athlete

David Beckham might be moving to Oxford

It’s a dream come true

Clubbers of the week: Week 3

More legends than Greek mythology

We went to Fishies and asked people to draw Brexit

‘No more magic stars’

We asked Brookes ski trip goers their best memories from Les Arcs

Nudity, table dancing and regret

QUIZ: Are you more Clive Booth or Cheney?

Forget deadlines, this is the only question that matters

Why Brookes’ Students’ Union needs to run a club night

We’re tired of £4 pints and £10 taxis

There was a chemical spill in Sinclair today

Police and Fire crews shut down the whole building

How to survive a week without your phone

Bus journeys become really boring

I’m a guy and I tried out a pole fitness class

Summed up in one word: painful

Oxford bought the Wahoo sign, but it should belong to Brookes

We bleed Fuzz juice and this is what happens?

How to make a Halloween costume on a budget

It’ll take no time at all

Two Brookes grads have opened a Halloween shop on Cowley

We talk to the owners to find out how many Harley Quinns to expect

We asked a Brookes graduate what our uni was like 35 years ago

Pandas running for SU president and 50p pints

Thames Valley Police release e-fits of Summertown rape suspects

The police are still asking for any information on the two suspects

Meet Dan, the Brookes student who only wears suits to lectures

He gets his styling tips from ‘Suits’

Meet the new Oxford Brookes United Nations Association society

There was no talk by Leo or Emma Watson

The best stories from Freshers’ Week 2016

“I saw three people throwing up in the middle of the foam party. I don’t think anyone noticed.”

We spoke to a GP about how to avoid freshers’ flu

Accept your new, lower, standard of health

Why rowing is the most underrated Olympic sport

Britannia rules baby

Fuzzy Ducks is back after successful petition

One last chance to make regrettable decisions on a Wednesday night

Headington McDonald’s is now offering table service

Order the Big Mac and feel like the Mac daddy

How to cope with being ill at uni

What doesn’t kill you makes you miss 9ams

The stages of an all-nighter at Brookes

When you start to see sounds, that’s enough Red Bull

New licence scheme to raise the bar on Oxford housing

New standards will be enforced

Uber could be launching in Oxford

The taxi game may be about to change

Half of Brookes students so bored they leave Stats lecture

The numbers don’t look good

Guys can drink cocktails too

No, Jäger bombs don’t count

You call it Harcourt Hell, we call it Harcourt Heaven

The ghetto is love, the ghetto is life