St Andrean Style: Glasses

So as a man who wears glasses, and with so many men at this university being the same, I have decided that this issue of St Andrean Style should address 2012’s trends in eyewear. Had I actually seen this trend coming, I would not have resented and disguised my childhood eyewear as much as I did. It is difficult to pull off red wire circular frames that sit above your bowl haircut fringe. One day a lens dropped out at school and I didn’t notice until a friend gently poked her finger through the round frame and touched my eyelid (I know, forward, right! What can I say, the ladies loved me). After that, I told my parents the glasses were lost, which was half-true because I forgot where I hid them. So it was a bit of a curve ball as people have actually started buying frames with nonprescription lenses to wear them just to look cool. These glasses have nothing to do with improving eyesight. The only thing they magnify is the wearer’s ego. Its a sorry state when you go to the cinema to see Titanic 3D and guys are pocketing the 3D glasses, popping out the lenses and wearing the chunky, black frames to parties. You just spent a tenner to see Titanic 3D and now you make a desperate cool-conscious steal?!

I’m not sure how it started, maybe some Hipster badge of honour for passing your GCSEs or simply another red carpet fashion wave. The dishy Johnny Depp and JT have been wearing oversized eyewear for a while now and apparently it says a lot that Justin Bieber has a collection of nerdy frames (apparently the Biebs became a trend-setter after offering the sweep haircut and block colour hoody…sigh). We had Elton John, John Lennon and Elvis Costello wearing ‘out-there’ eyewear yonks ago but all for an artistic and/or showman image. Now men’s eyewear is a viable fashion accessory and one that is vital for any fashion-conscious man due to their everyday wear and prominent place in any look.

There are basic rules to consider when choosing the shape and style of your new glasses. First and foremost, figure out what your face is lacking, and get frames that make up for it. For example, angular faces usually suit a softer rounded frame, whereas a rounded face (not fat, just rounded gentlemen) seems to suit more angular glasses with slimmer frames. If you’ve got an oval face, think Matt Damon (bless him), then you can get away with a lot more in terms of eyewear. Apart from the extremes, oval faces carry most styles. An oval face is taller than it is wide, with a rounded chin and high cheekbones, and it can wear either squared-off frames or curving ones.  The lenses can be narrow or wide, though too square or circular a lens will probably look clumsy for your narrow face.  A thicker frame can add a bit of definition to your face — just be careful not to get anything so heavy that it overpowers those handsome features of yours.  

There are 4 major styles worth considering for men:

1. New Geek – Pairs of thick, black wayfarer glasses monopolized 2011’s high street and editorial eyewear look. With shows like Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock, Geek-Chic isn’t going anywhere but, instead, has evolved into, what people are calling, New Geek for 2012. For an image that is based on a lack of fashion sense it holds major sexy points. In terms of eyewear, New Geek glasses are styled to champion bold wayfarer shapes though with smaller frames and a richer earthy palette.  


I love these Evergreen frames. It is an ‘earth conscious’ brand with each frame being made from 95% recycled materials! This stylish tortoiseshell will trend up any outfit while doing something good for the environment, which is still a rarity within the fashion industry. Win win.


Derek Cardigan’s range of eyewear is a bold and contemporary collection. These vintage-inspired glasses reflect the designer’s joie de vivre philosophy on fashion.  The Derek Cardigan 7014 Brown Tortoiseshell glasses are an edgy wayfarer design wit the Geek-chic style featured with division and multiplication symbols on both sides and an equal sign on the arms.

2. Keyhole – The Keyhole name comes from the keyhole nose bridge found on these thick-framed round glasses. This style has been made popular by the likes of Johnny Depp and is a strong rival to the dominating wayfarer for 2012. However, this fresh take on a classic vintage design is disastrous for those of us who have inherited any sort of round-face features. I have to avoid anything like this in fear of looking like Dawn French in a Lennon sketch.



Johnny Depp’s effortless bohemian style has influenced these aptly named Johnny Depp 8005 eyeglasses. The rich brown tortoiseshell is stylish and sophisticated with spring hinges for comfort.

4. Translucent – Translucent colours are an easy way to carry off a thick bold frame if you’re worried about what you can pull off. The translucency softens the frames and offers a chance to wear a more daring colour and express some personal style without it being too in-your-face.



This is another pair from the environmentally friendly Evergreen brand. These Evergreen 6007 Green Crystal eyeglasses are sleek and stylish without being too ‘out there’ or heavy.

5. Texture – This texture style is mainly for women as designers are getting creative with artisan cutouts on glasses. It looks like you are wearing a piece of artwork rather than another pair of frames. However, for men, there are some subtle options that fall into this category.    



The wayfarer shape again, influences these unisex pair of Jill Stuart Stuart 227 Olive glasses.  The design uses bold, thick acetate with a striking blend of green and brown olive tones. These frames may be thick, but the subtle texture and earthy wood-like tone makes it a softer option for the more self-conscious wearer.  

So, whether its time for another opticians appointment or you just fancy a subtle change to your wardrobe, investing in a good fashionable pair of frames is vital – even you can see that.   


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