Five things you should do this week…

PIMM’S: The girls in red and white are back, looking impossibly beautiful and hosting the event of the summer season: “PIMMS” with a “Best of British” theme. This year’s ad campaign had them strutting down North Street dressed as the Queen, Sporty Spice and Pippa Midz and the ticket queue outside the Lib rivalled the boys KK May Ball queue. PIMMS is held at the Gilston Estate and starts at 7. So summer is nearly here, we’re dreaming of balmy evenings along the river at HRR and we can almost smell the cut grass at SW19.

Polo: This Sunday sees the return of the St A Charity Polo Varsity Tournament, this year fundraising for Help for Heroes. St A takes on Edinburgh in the biggest match of the Scottish Polo calendar. Yet it’s more than Prince Harry on a horse… it features a guest performance from The Other Guys, music from DJ Dan Matthews, Pipe and Drum bands, a fully-stocked bar with bespoke Rascals cocktails and a wooden horse to try out the sport. Tickets are only £7 on the gate at the Strathtyrum Estate (buses will be running to and fro… check here for bus times). 

Celtic Society Ceilidh in the Castle: Looking for a Scottish night out without KFB and a pint of Tennents? Well, Celtic Society have something wonderfully Scottish for you! We’ve had Macbeth in the Castle, now this weekend it’s Ceilidh in the Castle. The legendary Luke Brady will be playing Gay Gordons for you from 7 ‘til sunset. Dancing will be followed by a beautiful torchlit procession. Sounds. Magical. Oh and tickets are only £5 for members, £7 for non-members and are available outside the Union this week. 

Apocalyptic Ball and Rave: Sometimes we want to go to an event not only because it sounds bloody brilliant, not only because the poster is beautiful, but because we want to meet the creative god behind such a gorgeous poster… With the tagline, ‘If the world is to end, it does so in colour’, we’re intrigued, very intrigued. Saints LGBT are fundraising for Waverley Care and the night is coming from the Old Course. Boasting a stellar line up at the Old Course including a gourmet dinner and drinks, performances from Blind Mirth, Captain Curly and the Jazz Pirates, the wonderful Tim and Mimi, the divine Accidentals and DJ Luke Holman. If you don’t have enough dollar to dish out £35 for a full ticket, dancing tickets are only £10 and are available outside the Lib this week. 

The Gaudie: So the KK pulled off the Procession with gusto this year, can they do the same with the Gaudie? The Gaudie draws students from across the town to the Castle to process with torches at nightfall along the Pier, paying homage to the legendary John Honey. A story of courage and heroism that should embolden all students as they contemplate running into the ocean in the early hours of Tuesday morning for May Dip.


Photo: © Ben Goulter

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