St Andrews students are set to hold a silent protest in reaction to Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s controversial visit to St Salvatore’s Chapel this Sunday.

The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien will be visiting St Andrews this weekend. He will be giving a sermon on the Meaning of Discipleship during the 11:00am Sunday Service in Sallie’s Chapel. All staff and students are welcome.

The Cardinal recently angered Equal Rights groups over his criticism of the Government’s plans to introduce legality for same-sex marriages. He suggested that thelegalisation of slavery would be just as intolerable as homosexual marriages, and called the government’s discussions ‘madness’.

Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, says that the change aligns itself with the UK’s modern and liberal society. Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore, argues that a same-sex couple should have the right to celebrate their lifelong commitment to each other and for this relationship to be recognised as a marriage.

The LGBT Society will be hosting a silent protest, inviting all St Andrews students to wear colourful T-Shirts as a visible sign of solidarity. The rainbow of colours symbolise support for the fair treatment of homosexuals. All are welcome to assemble at 10:45 on Sunday, outside the chapel.