La Primavera

JOY STARKEY and TOM RASMUSSEN focus on make-up that will put a spring in your step

With the Cambridge sun emerging from the perpetual grey clouds, everyone is getting that Spring feeling. Looking ahead to the sunnier months it’s time to focus on the basics: make-up.

The big push this season is radiant skin, with a simple-but-statement eye or lip. Slick on the dark reds and purples, apply a top gloss to make your lips irresistibly kissable and team with a naked eye (well, a bit of mascara).

Apply heavy black liner under the eye to take you back to the 90s and use bright colour blocks on your upper lids – greens and blues. Finish with a Winehouse-esque flick.

For a dressy occasion go with a statement colour and apply a polka-dot under either eye to make your eyes sparkle.

Follow these simple tips for a quick and easy stylish look that’s sure to put a spring in your step.

Make-up and Styling: Joy Starkey and Tom Rasmussen

Photogrpaher: Eliska Haskovcova

Models: M and T

  • Ninja

    Why do you insist on doing make-up as if you're in Star Wars Episode I?

  • Judge

    Swear one of the 'models' isn't even at Cambridge… Defeats the object!

    • went to nlcs

      she's the other one's sister. she's in year 11

      • regretting a wank

        year 11?!

    • mmmmh

      NO, because it's not about student modelling, it's about student journalism…

  • fan

    tab fashion OWNS varsity fashion every week


    I like

  • Randy Pandy

    Well, it's great except that it looks shit.

  • Matty McBroide

    I love a wee bit of fashion here on the tab. reminds me of the lovely gals of donegal!

  • um?

    "…and team with a naked eye (well, a bit of mascara).

    Apply heavy black liner under the eye to take you back to the 90s and use bright colour blocks on your upper lids – greens and blues. Finish with a Winehouse-esque flick"

    Contradiction much?

    • makeupknowhow

      they're two alternatives: EITHER big eyes OR big lips.

  • Guest

    So beautiful. Tab fashion just gets better and better.

  • L. Benson

    We should really stop doing shoots of tired hipsters in play parks and do something original like this.

  • Ricky Alty

    As a teetotaler, I find make-up a problematic topic. The wearing of such cosmetic products is merely an attempt to lure members of the opposite sex, who when inebriated all too often pounce on such an opportunity. All power to nude faces.

  • Judge

    Joe's friends again… Boring. Do some lads instead

    • confused

      Who's joe?!?!

  • Yawn

    This is really boring banter

  • Jamie Patmore

    Loving the clothes x

  • 2nd photo…

    Most boring looking face ever. Who wants to be photographed like that?!

  • Rafe Fletcher

    My girlfriend is so much fitter than these girls! <3 Hannah

  • Interesting

    Know for a fact this is of interest to glamour and Instyle eds. Impressed intern

  • Where

    What happened to Street Fashion by the way!

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