TabTV Staircase Sessions: Groove Knights

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Groove Knights join TabTV for a jam and a chat. Jazz/funk/pop fusion at its finest.

TabTV jams with jazz/funk/pop group Groove Knights. The band have been entertaining Cambridge crowds since last year, playing an astonishing 23 May Week gigs. They already have plenty of gigs lined up for this year, but check out their Staircase Session below for a preview of what’s to come.


Find GrooveKnights on Facebook here.

  • Stanners

    Who is that guy on the sax?! i <3 WGL x

  • TPJ

    I'm actually part of the band but I couldn't be there for the shoot as I was too busy playing for the u21s

    • Grooveknight Groupie

      For once, a TPJ comment that's actually true…

  • Chastity

    I love the way Lamb blows his sax.

  • Tom

    Every time something like this happens it’s some kind of ethnic minority

    • Really?

      I’ve had many friends hospitalised (and myself) from unprovoked attacks. I think in all but one of those cases, the perpetrators were British Caucasian….

      • ronk

        Exactly, an ethnic minority

    • geko

      I mean, the racism is one thing, but to derail the point of the article to shoehorn in a political opinion you know is going to provoke dissenting opinions and debate, that’s really low.

      • Tom

        1.) Pointing out facts isn’t racist, no matter what context it is in and no matter how racist those facts may sound
        2.) Racism isn’t automatically or inherently a bad thing
        3.) Vote UKIP

        • you are a cunt

          Just shut the fuck up mate

        • geko

          1) Whatever facts you might think pointing out aren’t racist, exaggerating them to cover “every time something like this happens” and placing the blame entirely with “some kind of ethnic minority” to reflect a view that is entirely negative of ethnic minorities is what I would call racist.

          2) Racism may not be an inherently bad thing in your opinion. However your comment only served to drum up discussions on an opinion you know is controversial and relates in only the minutest of ways to the article. It would be like someone commenting “This is what happens when we have an unemployment rate of two million!”, or “Every time something like this happens it’s someone on benefits.” Each view, whether it is something you agree on or not, you must agree is irrelevant to the article and would be someone trying to shoehorn in their opinion and derailing discussion.

          3) Duly noted.

          Edit: I don’t really want to give you the satisfaction of having a discussion about racism on an article about crime against women, which is a serious and important topic, and about an actual person who was actually hurt.

          • Tom

            1.) True, but it is a fact that ethnic minorities have a disproportionate crime rate that can’t be entirely put down to socioeconomic status.

            2.) The fact that you say “it’s not inherently bad in your opinion” means that you are agreeing with me.

            • geko

              1) My point is that you are trying to obfuscate the very important issue of violence against women with your views about race. This has the effect of derailing discussion of a very important topic, which is selfish of you, no matter which opinions you have.

              2) If you see that as agreement, then you win, whatever. If that means we can conclude the race discussion with you having changed my opinion then brilliant.

              I was trying to avoid discussing race with you. Not because you’re right or you’re wrong. Not because I agree or disagree with you. But not to let your comment distract the actual issue at hand here. I was trying to focus only on the comment and it’s intent and effects, not the subject matter. The subject matter doesn’t matter. The attempt to shift the discussion is what is important. I hope I haven’t given you the pleasure of a protracted and pointless argument about race. You don’t really deserve it.

              • Tom

                1.) If you are going to deny the correlation between race and crime against women, you are the one hindering this very important issue.

                2.) I’m not trying to parade it around like I’ve won I’m just pointing out that you’ve admitted racism being bad is indeed subjective.

                3.) See point #1.

                • geko

                  1) I’m not trying to deny anything. I’m just trying to say that having the discussion here is not helpful, perhaps willfully disruptive. You are now trying to use the topic of violence against women to still railroad your argument about race.

                  2) If it is subjective or if it isn’t is not the point. It doesn’t change the fact that in raising it you were trying to make this your discussion, your argument, not the one presented in the article.

                  3) Voke UKIP?

  • Positive Femenist

    Just because your a girl doesn’t mean if your running towards your friends fighting that whoever fighting them knows your not about to attack them? This is why feminism doesn’t work…. talk the talk and can’t walk the walk. If i was fighting your male friends and you came towards me screaming ( Lets be honest, you were a drunk girl you would have been yelling even if it was words like ‘stop’) I would have seen you as a threat and done the exact same thing. Should have walked back towards the club and told the bouncers or phoned the police immediately and kept a safe distance away from them

    • geko

      It seems that the gang had dispersed as Becky went to help her friends up. The attacker was hiding behind a car, and punched Becky in the face as she was helping one of the boys up. He then ran away.

    • Rhiannon Ellen Thomas

      As the article clearly states, the men had all dispersed and Becky was on her way over in a way that was neither threatening and in no way was she screaming, to help her friend off the ground (not fighting). The man had HIDDEN behind a nearby car and then proceeded to knock her unconscious. A threat? Ridiculous.

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