Varsity Trip Preview: Part One

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In the first of a three-part preview of this year’s Varsity Trip, The Tab checks out the best places to eat, drink and ski in Val Thorens. We also reveal some of the food and drink discounts exclusively for VT2010 participants.

With this year’s Varsity Trip now just over two weeks away, The Tab has rounded up a motley crew of seasonaires, ski bums and powder junkies to give you the low-down on Val Thorens. This week we bring you the best places to eat, drink and ski, along with a smattering of the discounts available exclusively to VT 2010 participants.


Where to ski:

As the highest resort in Europe, it won’t come as a surprise that Val Thorens gets an awful lot of snowfall. The season runs from November until May, so there should be plenty of snow on the ground by the time VT2010 gets under way. The resort itself boasts over 68 runs and with easy access to the whole Three Valleys area, there’s more than enough skiing available to satisfy even the most hardened skiers among you.

Escape the crowds at Orelle

We recommend heading over to Orelle (an underappreciated gem) or up to Peclet, if the weather’s nice. Lac de la Chambre, Tete Ronde and Boismint also make for lovely, scenic skiing. If you do manage to get to Meribel, Jerusalem is an absolute belter (best enjoyed early morning or late afternoon). Avoid the Espace Junior at all costs – it’s busy, flat and full of ski-schoolers.


Where to eat:

Much like the rest of the Three Valleys, Val Thorens is generally an expensive place to eat. With that in mind, our best advice is probably to head down to the local hypermarket and carb-load to your heart’s content. If, however, the thought of bucket loads of pasta doesn’t do it for you, you might try:

The Frog & Roast Beef

Run by two English former ski-bums, The Frog & Roast Beef is Europe’s highest pub. Serving the best burgers in the resort (don’t miss out on their signature Frogburger) and with big screens showing all the live sporting action, it’s a seasonaire’s favourite and is guaranteed to be a great place to catch this year’s Varsity Match (not to mention The Ashes). There are also some brilliant discounts available on food and drink for VT2010:

– 30% off all food (including burgers and cooked breakfasts!)
– Takeaway Pizza €7.50
– Glass of Wine €2
– Shots €2.50
– Jaegerbombs €4.50


Their website might be a bit basic but the steaks at John’s are the best in the Alps. Not exactly cheap but the taste justifies the cost. Their €12.00 American Brunch menu (Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Potatoes, Fruit, Bread etc.) is a penny-pincher’s dream.

Le Scapin

Decent quality wood-fired pizzas at reasonable prices. You can’t say fairer than that.


Where to drink:

One thing that VT doesn’t lack (other than snow) is après ski. There’s no shortage of places to kick off the ski boots and grab that well-earned vin chaud at the end of a long day on the slopes. Here are a couple of our favourites:


A VT institution, this year’s VarCity promises to be bigger and better than ever. Purpose-built and featuring the cheapest food and drink in the resort, live music and (crucially) comfortable seating, VarCity is the place to be when you get off the slopes. VT 2010 participants can enjoy the following:

Beer – €2.50
Vin Chaud – €2.50
Hot Chocolate – €2.00
Burger or Quarter Pizza or Chips – €2.50

Heading off the slopes and into last year’s VarCity

Photo: Varsity Trip

Moo Bar

Located inside the Temples du Soleil accommodation block (just above the reception area), Moo Bar is a fantastic place to meet up with your mates from different colleges and even, dare we say it, Oxford. It’s retro-themed, with loads of vintage gear and old-school posters on the walls and (if you weren’t sold already) there are drinks deals exclusively available for VT2010, including:

Pitchers – €10
Beer and Vodka Shooter – €4

Saloon Bar

Some of you might remember Saloon Bar in Tignes last year – this one’s better. Justly famous for its cocktails, it makes a good place to start off the night. While you’re there, grab a pint of beer for €3.50 courtesy of your VT2010 discount – that’s less than Val Thorens seasonaires pay!

Like the look of this? It’s yours for €3.50.

Photo: Varsity Trip

Bar 360

We love Bar 360. It’s run by Dutch people. And they’re mentalists. Particularly good on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday afternoons – there’s a live DJ from 3-6pm.

Bar 360 has a lively atmosphere. Honest.

Le Rhum Box

Opened in 1999 by two rum-loving brothers, Le Rhum Box is a small bar in the town centre serving a wide range of – you guessed it – flavoured rum. Cosy, friendly and never too busy, it’s not a bad shout for a quiet (rum-based) drink.

Bowling Alley

For anyone in search of something slightly different for apres-ski, Val Thorens has its own Bowling Alley. Here not only can you enjoy a spot of bowling (duh) but also:

Pint of beer – €4.00
Shots – €2.50 (or €2.00 for Light and Dark Blue shots during the Varsity Match)

Le Malaysia

Anyone who went on the 2008 Varsity Trip will remember Malaysia. For those of you who weren’t on that trip or, alternatively, have very short memories, it’s the biggest nightclub in the Alps. If that still isn’t enough for you, it’s got an ever-so-slightly sloping dance floor, a fire bar, and more Europop than you can shake two sticks at. What more could you possibly want?

Malaysia will make you do things like this. Maybe.

Photo: Varsity Trip


Next week: all the information about what’s going on on VT2010 – Cuppers, Valley Ralley, Blues Races and much more.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments section…

  • Overcharged

    Nowhere sells pints. It's all 500ml – demis. Stupid French.

  • Vermin

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering is it prohibited for rats to ski? Just, I'm booked on to Varsity 2010 but some people, mainly this nasty cat that keeps trying to dean me, says that my excessively long teeth are just going to dig into the snow and not allow me to go anywhere…is that true?

    I really want to ski, and I don't think being a rat should stop me from following my dream!

    With sympathy,


    • Feline

      You can come on varsity and ski just fine, do you want to share accommodation with me?

      With salt and pepper


  • navdog

    See those mountains? All those mountains over there? Think of them, now triple them, that's how big my name is.

  • Dunnett? Do this.

    I'm not allowed on varsity trip anymore due to smuggling two very dangerous weapons into France, concealed only by some very tight sleeves.

    • Stevey Wildman II

      Hey guys, I'm not going on the trip because I really miss my sister. As far as I'm concerned, she's better than any holiday…and she's a lot warmer to cuddle than snow!

      Anyway, just if you see my baby sister Rach about, tell her I love her (and let her know she's in for a bit of a squeeze when I see her!)


      Stevey Wildman

    • Jimmy

      Your just hoping you get picked for the blues you scottish bastard. I've got news for you. You wont.

      • Anal Speller

        The 'wont' needs an apostrophe after the n.
        Your…you should have probably put 'You're'
        Scottish with a capital letter please.


        Anal Speller

  • Dom Macklin

    Fuck all of you that are excited about this shit trip. You want some danger, fun, interest? Come watch me play rugby you cunts. I'm so fucking good its unreal, I scored AGAIN yesterday in another predictable win for our fucking ridiculous team that's spearheaded by my excellence.

    As for skiing, more like ski-fuck off…what a shit way to spend time, us charismatic and charming Mancunians would rather just watch ourselves play rugby, or watch me at least, cause I'm that fucking good

  • Varsidybru

    Im goin skiin bru

    • Anal Speller


  • lexi abrams

    It's all about Val d'Isère you peasants.

    • Admiral Gashington

      Bloody hell that club malaysia looked to be full of cock. Let's hope Varcity, apart from draught beers, has some gash on tap!

      • Comment Judge

        Ahh Clever!

  • Ed's a Freed Man

    Right bru's,

    I don't know if you all know this but I'm varsity rep for this year and I'm fucking buzzzzziiiiiiing. If anyone wants to know anything about the trip (or me ;P) add me on Facebook or email me bru! I can promise I'll try to answer any of your questions bru – no matter how cheeky they might be 😉

    Just a little bit about me, I'm a pretty decent skier bru. Without sounding big-headed there probably wont be many or potentially any better skiers than me there but it should be fun teaching you all a few things anyway bru. I dont mind a sly bottle of beer or 12 either lol! Just come up to me and I'll happily speak, maybe we'll become friends bru (or maybe more :P)

    Thanks, Eddy

  • Magdalene Angus

    Anyone worried about how to dress outside the bubble? Worried that your rolled up jeans and charity shop brogues are simply inappropriate when en piste? Watch this space for a key insight into how to transfer you original winter wardrobe into a chic alpine ensemble.

    Louis Vuitton famously said, 'Without originality, we are just like everyone else'.

    • Ricky Egg


      All my money I saved during my job on the holidays is going towards this! I worked in Sainsburys, I miss the guys there all so much :( we had such a great laugh! (Like when Peter put a banana in his pocket….i'll let you guys figure out what happened next! lollollo)

      Anyway, can't wait to meet all you guys on the trip! I'm pretty good at rowing, so I reckon I'll be brilliant at this! lol, only joking, don't want to make any of you feel as if I'll be too good for it! You'll all be amazing aswell!

      Looking forward to it, and all the drinking, which I am great at! rofl

      I love you all!

      Ricky x

      • Master Wangtackle

        If you think you're good, I'll have a race with you. On the last night, first to down a bottle of Bud light…whist slowly skiing!!! My record is 12 seconds, I'll be looking out for you >8-|

        • Anal Speller

          I think you'll find its whilst not whist, unless you where referring to the classic card game.


          Mr A. Speller

          • Anal Ren-tent-hive

            That's a typing error, not a spelling error, there's a difference!

            • Mathmo

              False. They are almost exactly the same thing. Typing errors are simply a subset of spelling errors. Yea. Cheers.

          • Anal Speller

            I can assure everyone that this imposter is not the real Anal Speller. I can prove it:

            its – where is the apostrophe!? So confusing! Who would the its be referring to otherwise!?

            unless you where referring? Again, mind-boggling.

            Best wishes,

            Anal Speller

  • Saloon Fan

    "Like the look of this?" If she's only 3.50 I'm booking flight now.

    • Anal Speller

      You lost me at 'I'm booking flight now'.

  • mjhansford

    Given I study in the B&L building anyhow, can’t see me needing to move any closer as it is. Not really much in the way of news for when I move in!

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