Jodie Harsh’s Circus

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TABATHA LEGGETT: "We found ourselves in an unfilled venue alongside two drag queens who were dancing as though they were working in Abercrombie and Fitch."

30th October, 10pm at The Junction. £9.


Jodie Harsh promised us “a melee of circus freaks and go-go dancers.” So when my friend and I turned up to Circus at The Junction we were ready to be taken on a journey of absurdity and utter madness. In reality, we found ourselves in an unfilled venue alongside two drag queens who were dancing as though they were working in Abercrombie and Fitch, and who periodically popped off to refill their beers. But that’s not all!  There was also a butch, tattooed man who winked a lot and danced as though he had something stuck to his shoe.

“Everywhere you turn there are divas, socialites, club kids, hot boys, sexy girls, society’s misfits and even the odd normal chappy, dancing and having fun.”

And that’s before I even mention the crowd. The crowd were odd. Very odd. And not really in a good way. As far as I could see, there was a four way divide: the leering men; the people who buy all their clothes from Cyberdog in Camden; the chavvy kids you see drinking Lambrini outside The Grafton and those teenagers you saw in German GCSE text books in the ‘90s (you know the ones with flared jeans, crimped hair and cardigans tied around their waists). And then there was a token 90-year-old granny who had some dangerous moves. She was my favourite.


The set was quite cool. There was a massive disco ball, some cages and a slide show video including images of fire-eaters, sword swallowers and Jodie Harsh as the ringmaster projected onto a massive screen behind the DJ booth.

The music was okay. It was a mixture of house and electro stuff, with a few Cindies classics thrown in for good measure. Jodie Harsh came on quite late, and played a good set. But, she looked totally bored. And yet oddly attractive.

The thing is, I can see Circus working as a club night in Soho or in Shoreditch. Just not in Cambridge. The music was good – if you’re into house and electro – and Jodie Harsh is undoubtedly fabulous. It’s just that Cambridge isn’t. We all know that nights out in Cambridge are a certain type of fun, and this was just a bit too alternative. The crowd weren’t exciting, the venue wasn’t full and it was a real shame, because had we not been in Cambridge, it would have been a great night.

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  • Sean

    Just want to say that I had a blast

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