The Junction

Boomslang @ The Junction

Sam Mellor is left sweaty and speechless after Boomslang comes to the Junction

Review: The Anchor

The revamped Anchor leaves JESS FRANKLIN with an empty purse but a full stomach…

The Tab Meets… Clean Bandit

The Tab meets Clean Bandit, the rising stars of the electronic music scene.


SAM MELLOR aims to lead at least a few of our library slaves to unsavoury raves with a preview of the term’s club life.

Jessie Ware

“The live show had lived up to the hype generated by her flawless record.” KRISTY DURU is impressed by Jessie Ware’s show at the Junction.

Interview: Bourgeois and Maurice

The fabulous Bourgois and Maurice catch up with JACK CARRINGTON about cabaret, comedy and exotic costumes.

Everything Everything

JACK MICHAEL JOHNSON is delighted with everything that Everything Everything brought to The Junction.

Interview: Tom Stade

Tom Stade talks to The Tab’s MARK WINTERBURN about panel shows, the British public and offending your audience.

Mallory Knox

DOM BURSTIN bursts onto the scene with his debut review of Mallory Knox, but regrets getting his hair cut first.

Review: Passion Pit

COSMO GODFREE finds Passion Pit to be the perfect antidote to combat Week 7 cynicism.


Heads will nod and bodies will skank, as CHARLIE LAWRIE escapes to the Junction for a night of drum and bass.


COSMO GODFREE has his soul healed by the gospel-rock of Spiritualized.

Bowling For Soup

Tab Editor and self-confessed Bowling For Soup fanboy JONNY SINGER reports back on his childhood heroes.

Lucy Rose

JAMES MITCHELL can’t get enough of Lucy Rose.

Review: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

LEORA TARATULA-LYONS was ambivalent, but found herself captivated by Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s engaging performance at the Junction.

Azealia Banks

COSMO GODFREE arrived interested, and left infatuated.

Interview: Jeremy Hardy

KATIE FORSTER interviews Radio 4 funny guy and self-confessed grumpy old man JEREMY HARDY.

Mystery Jets

Despite being in cowboy disguise, COSMO GODFREE still reckons the Mystery Jets are as good as ever.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 6

HOLLY STEVENSON gives you the low down on this week’s culture. Which, for the philistines involves drinking games…

Interview: Ghostpoet

ARON SOLOMONS catches up with Ghostpoet in an exclusive interview for The Tab.