Goldie Crew Announced

The Goldie crew has been announced and includes four British rowers.

Cambridge University Boat Club today announced the Goldie crew as they seek to avoid a third successive defeat to their Oxford rivals Isis.

Coming a week after the announcement of the Blue Boat, they will be looking to return to the form which saw them storm to a hat-trick of victories between 2005 and 2007.

Tab columnist Hardy Cubasch is the star name in the crew, taking his place at 5 seat after a wrist injury ruled him out of the Blue Boat. He is one of three Goldie members to have raced in this event before while Oxford only have one returning member.

Despite Oxford’s recent dominance on the river Goldie still leads 28-17 overall and the crew, which contains five Brits as opposed to Oxford’s two, look well placed to extend this lead.

The crews will be weighed during Tideway Week before the race itself on Saturday 3rd April at 16:00. 

The crew in full:

Bow    Wanne Kromdijk (Clare – NED)

2          George Lamb (St John’s – GB)

3          Mike Thorp (Homerton – GB)

4          Matt Whaley (Gonville & Caius – GB)

5          Hardy Cubasch (St Edmund’s – AU)

6          Joel Jennings (Clare – GB)

7          Moritz Schramm (Fitzwilliam – GER)

Stroke   Geoff Roth (St. Edmund’s – CAN)

Cox     Elizabeth Box (Christ’s – GB/AU)

For the Blue Boat line-up click here.

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