I hate to say it, but the York Christmas Markets are so overrated

Definitely too many fudge stands

I’m holding an overpriced bauble in one hand and bailey’s hot chocolate in the other and I can’t move. I’ve lost my mates, I’m cold and alone and I want to go home. At least the Baileys hot chocolate is a 10/10 because I queued for 20 minutes to get it. I hate to say it, but the York Christmas Markets are incredibly overrated.

My housemates asked me if I wanted to visit the markets this year and with a half-hearted “yes” I was suddenly leaving the warm confines of my house only to be placed in what can only be described as a flood of people. I immediately began questioning why they are so renowned because the foot traffic was ruining the vibe completely. Now, admittedly the atmosphere was incredibly merry and stall owners themselves created the festive cheer, and a wintery evening in town with your friends will always be fun. Plus, I refused to play the part of the resentful girl from the city and I allowed the small-town charm to do its wonders.

Too many people

Maybe I went in with a negative mindset. But immediately we were canned in, stuck, sardines at this point. In fact, I questioned whether I was in some kind of apocalypse. The hunt for a cute Christmas card soon became mission impossible. The sense of urgency seemed to have been removed from every single person at the market. Or maybe I was the problem? I reminded myself to enjoy the festive lights, the smells of hot chocolate wafting down the street, and the positivity that everybody else was feeling.

So much fudge

So, even though it seemed like the sickly sweet scents of Christmas had replaced the oxygen in the air, I accepted the wooden stalls were quite pretty and I began to appreciate how impressive some of the items were. Hats and scarves of every colour, intricate paintings on handmade baubles, hand-painted crockery, homemade fudge, more homemade fudge. The fudge didn’t come to an end. I’m certain my teeth started rotting just from looking at so much fudge.

They’re literally only across one street

The market is only along Parliament Street, so why do people hype them up so much? I was expecting the markets to cover most of the city centre like the Markets in Manchester or Winter Wonderland. However, even though the area was swarming with tourists, I realised, for such small space, the markets admittedly have a big amount to offer. If you looked past the mass of fudge and hot chocolate, there was a variety of food (at extortionate prices), a huge selection of different alcohol, handmade jewellery and more.

So even though there are some cute things to buy and they do get you in the festive spirit, I have to say the markets are incredibly overrated and I’m SO confused as to why people travel from across the country to visit York just for them. Call me Scrooge but you can’t move anywhere, everything is overpriced and most of the stalls are just fudge. I don’t even like fudge.

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