Nine alternative Christmas presents for York students

Provide the mistletoe and we might even kiss you for these gifts

Christmas is a time for joy and good will, something most students seem to lack as our deadlines approach and the expense of Christmas shopping tugs at our wallets with every advent door we open. Why not put a smile on a York student’s face today and use this alternative gift guide to comfort your local, burnt out and overdraft-drawn York student this Christmas. At least we might have a moment’s warmth with number one.

A tenner for the gas bill

Bloody hell, it’s cold. With gas prices soaring and the weather getting colder with each night that passes, we would appreciate nothing more than a burst on the radiators to defrost our fingers and ensure we can carry on typing (to the glee of our tutors, I’m sure). I’m sick of lighting candles for even a flicker of heat. Looks pretty though.

A blow-up boyfriend

A blow-up boyfriend costs a tuppence and is available from all major supermarkets, so you know you’re getting the right kind (cheeky). Dress him up in tinsel and forget all about your romantic loneliness this festive season.

A ghost from York Ghost Merchant’s 

We’ve all seen the ceramic ghosts on the Insta account of the York Ghost Merchants, located on the famous, and serially photographed, Shambles. What is more haunting than the ghosts themselves, however, is the queue to get into the actual shop. Spare a couple of hours and acquire a cute ghost for a York student today. Honestly, we just don’t have the time to queue ourselves.

A pack of 66 bus tickets

It seems excessive at £20, but for one pound a pop, getting twenty tickets for the infamous 66 is like whispering sweet nothings to a York student. All we want is a dry journey to and from uni (That’s if the windows are shut)

Image from Youtube

Branded oat milk

We are all lying to ourselves when we say we enjoy Lidl’s own oat milk. We don’t, and nothing will beat Minor Figure’s, Oatly or my favourite, Califia Farms. Legally, I think I have to say other options are available (but nothing will beat these)

Free meals at the Courtyard 

I don’t want a new watch or a knitted jumper. I want a veggie supreme pizza from Derwent’s very own Courtyard cafe. Now. With extra sweetcorn. 

 A UoY branded jumper

They might be ever so slightly expensive, but they are the perfect garment for us to rep our fave Uni, all whilst keeping warm as we inevitably use up the tenner for gas we asked for earlier. What a liberty.

 A bev (or 9) at The Postern Gate

It doesn’t get more York than this. Shack me up with a bottle of Prosecco and feed me chicken goujons and festive pigs in blankets until I can take no more. Christmas at Spoons truly is a magical place.

A York Xmas Pud Wrap

We’re students, it’s cold and the future looks tumultuous (especially if you’re a third year trying to get into politics) Nothing could cure the stress of what’s to come in 2023 than a gravy-dripping, stuffing-filled pud to soothe our sorrows and put a smile back on our faces.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals (and that’s just to those waking up from a heavy night)

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