It’s Christmas! Here’s your ultimate festive Warwick bucket list

For those of you who wish it could be Christmas everyday


The first of December means one thing and one thing only- it’s time to open that first door on your advent calendar because Christmas is here! With only a couple weeks left of term, and most of those irritating assignments handed in (who would’ve thought we actually have to work at uni?!), it’s time to relax and join us as we help you to Step into Christmas…

We hope you enjoy this festive bucket list, lovingly curated by all of us at The Warwick Tab. And we do sincerely apologise if this list gets in the hands of your Christmas obsessed flatmate who’s been singing Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree since mid-September, because they will be forcing you to do every single thing on this list. In the words of Slade, look to the future now, it’s only just beguuuuuuuun.

1. Visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham

Starting off with a firm favourite, a quick trip to Brum is certain to put you in the festive mood. It’s the largest authentic German Christmas market outside of Germany or Austria, and there is an amazing array of stalls- from traditional crafts to tempting hot food. And of course, you can wash it down with a pint of gluhwein or a fresh hot chocolate!

What a cutie

2. Watch the Christmas Tree Lights Switch On

Visit Benefactors Plaza on campus on Wednesday 1st December to enjoy Christmas festivities and watch the switch on of the Christmas Tree lights! This event is free and perfect for those living on-campus.

Rolf the Campus Cat will be there to switch on the lights, the Brass Society will be playing Christmas tunes AND there’ll be photo opportunities with live reindeer.

3. Get a festive bagel from Steamhouse

That’s right, everyone’s favourite bagel shop has a Christmas menu! And there are vegan options!

4. Do Secret Santa

Not much needs to be said about this one, it’s a Christmas classic. Just accept you’re probably gonna get either alcohol, chocolate or a pair of socks and get ready with that fake smile.

5. Try Curiositea’s Winter Wonderland menu

Everyone’s favourite on-campus coffee shop has introduced a delicious Christmas menu. What better way to feel festive in a seminar than walking in clutching a Gingerbread Latte?!

6. Watch Nativity

Grab the popcorn and get ready to Sparkle and Shine as you watch the BEST Christmas film of all time. And it was set right here in Coventry, so you can’t not watch it. It’s a fact.

Though don’t worry, you only need to watch the first one. Things went downhill without Mr Maddens #bae.

7. Try a Procaffeinate hot chocolate

Procaffeinate have finessed the hot chocolate game this year. Their festive drinks come with a mountain of whipped cream and huge toasted marshmallows. I’ve already had two Lotus hot chocolates this week… and it’s a Wednesday.

8. Visit the Leamington Parade Christmas market

If you don’t have time to pop to Birmingham, the Christmas market on the Leamington parade is the next best thing! It’s also a brilliant opportunity for spotting adorable dogs, because for some reason, Sundays are dog days (I’m not complaining!)

9. Attend Warwick Christian Union’s Carol service

Warwick Christian Union are back this year with their free Carol service. Join them on Thursday 9th December at 7.30pm in Butterworth Hall inside the Arts Centre for an evening of carols, and performances from Warwick’s Wind Orchestra and A Cappella Society.

10. Make a Gingerbread House

Okay so this one is a tad ambitious but I’ve been inspired by The Great British Bake Off, okay? Baking a gingerbread house is the ultimate test of skill for any baking enthusiasts out there, but if that’s too difficult, why not buy one of those kits where the pieces are baked for you. All you need to do is ice it, and lie when anyone asks if you made it from scratch. Simples.

11. Put up a Christmas Tree

Is a student house even a student house without a mini Christmas tree someone’s parents bought? Though why not make a night of it, play some Mariah Carey and decorate with fairy lights.

13. Go ice-skating at Coventry cathedral

Okay so I may be completely incompetent and unable to let go of the sides, but somehow I still love going ice-skating- especially when it’s an outdoor rink. Why not take in some local history at Coventry Cathedral as you inevitably fall flat on your arse attempting to look graceful gliding round the rink.

14. Take a snow walk through Newbold Comyn

There is nothing that makes me feel more festive than snow. So why not combine it with a bit of exercise- especially when it means you totally deserve a Procaffeinate hot choccy after! Grab your bobble hat and watch out for ice!

15. Make a Christmas dinner

Saved the best til last, didn’t we? Making a Christmas dinner is an absolute classic, so make sure you cook up an absolute feast. And of course, once everyone is in a food coma, pop on Nativity. Again.

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