We came up with 30 Warwick-related Never Have I Evers so you don’t have to

It’s all fun and games until you have…

I know for a fact we’ve all played Never Have I Ever, and completely blanked for ideas when it comes to your turn to suggest one. Well, you’re in luck! Here are 30 Never Have I Ever questions just for Warwick students, so get those pints of purple ready. Sorry if this gets personal…

Let’s start it off easy so the freshers can tick some off:

1. Never have I ever been underwhelmed by Pop.

2. Never have I ever spent an obscene amount of money in Rootes grocery because I was too lazy to walk to Tesco.

3. Never have I ever waited for over 10 minutes in the Pret queue. Down your drink if you’ve ever waited over 20 minutes.

4. Never have I ever actually seen Rolf the cat in person with my own eyes.

They might not look it but they are terrifying. This picture doesn’t do them justice

5. Never have I ever gone to the Oculus building just for waffles.

6. Never have I ever changed my route because there were geese blocking the way. Down your drink if you’ve ever been chased by the geese.

7. Never have I ever done a photoshoot around campus (and the stripey wall in the Zeeman building doesn’t count, because EVERYONE has a photo in front of it as their LinkedIn profile pic. Though do a shot if you’re guilty of that too).

I know, he’s not centred.

8. Never have I ever brought a trolley back from Tesco (naughty naughty).

9. Never have I been wheeled around campus in a Tesco trolley.

10. Never have I ever trekked all the way to Birmingham for Pryzm. Lowkey though, who still does that?

Ok now a bit worse:

11. Never have I ever actually enjoyed Kasbah on a Friday (time to name and shame the weirdos).

12. Never have I ever thrown up on the U1 or U2 bus.

13. Never have I ever tripped down the Kelsey’s stairs.

14. Never have I ever been too drunk to go out after circling.

15. Never have I ever been kicked out of any Leamington clubs – I won’t limit you on which. Down your drink if you’ve been kicked out of all of them.

I know a few of you have been kicked out of Smack.

16. Never have I ever avoided a seminar because someone I got with was in it.

17. Never have I ever got with someone in the Neon toilets.

18. Never have I ever spotted more than 10 people I know on Tinder (Damn you, small unis).

19. Never have I ever got with someone on the Kasbah sofas.

20. Never have I ever committed flatcest. Down your drink if the person you committed flattest with is in the room right now.

Ok now for the niche ones:

21. Never have I ever witnessed someone peeing on the Smack sofas. #disgustang

22. Never have I ever gone to bottomless brunch at Hart and Co (if you go anywhere else you’re a joke)

Bottomless + amazing pics? Yes please!

23. Never have I used the straighteners in the Altoria ladies toilets.

24. Never have I ever queued for Smack for over an hour (this is actually not a unique experience at all – sadly).

25. Never have I ever stepped in someone’s vomit at Neon.

26. Never have I ever made friends with the Smack bouncers. Down your drink if you got a selfie.

Besties with the bouncer xoxo

27. Never have I ever ordered McDonalds because I couldn’t be bothered to walk to the top of the parade. (Don’t lie, I know you have).

I love Maccies but the trek up the highstreet is NOT worth it

28. Never have I ever been shouted at by Station House security for a noise complaint.

29. Never have I ever got stuck in the pods in Pure Gym. Down your drink if someone who works there has come over to help you.

30. Never have I ever written an article for The Tab Warwick (had to do it).

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