Warwick opened a new restaurant and we tried it out

We getting boujee, baby!

So we've all heard of Xananas, right? The restaurant that once stood above Rootes Grocery? Well she's dead. And, unless you live under a rock (or in Westwood), you'll know that a new restaurant has risen from the ashes: Canopy.

Canopy, as described on it's webpage, is "located at the heart of Warwick University campus – a leafy, fresh and bright space, with a relaxed and friendly team waiting to welcome you into our little slice of happiness."

And that couldn't be more true, given the vibey neon sign which is basically an instagram post waiting to happen.

Go grammers, go!

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so headed down to the restaurant with my mate, Luke. I wasn't sure what to expect at first. But as soon as we approached the entrance, I clocked that this place is all about good, healthy food.

And since health is wealth, I was intrigued. The idea of eating healthy on campus is something that we, as students, should appreciate. All too often we find ourselves settling for something cheap and easy (which is kind of inevitable when you're swimming in deadlines, but still). But Canopy has meals which looked both healthy and pretty tasty.

Better yet, Canopy has a variety of stonebaked pizzas too. So if you're in need of carbs (bulking season, say no more) this is the place to be.

Image may contain: Pork, Plant, Pizza, Food

Who doesn't love a carb or two?

We walked in, overdrafts trembling, and found a very vibey space indeed. There are more informal dining spaces towards the front of the restaurant, featuring some very comfy looking armchairs (where you and your mates can come for brunch) and more formal ones to the back (where you can take your parents to impress them and cash in on a free meal). We sat in the latter.

The menu looked pretty mad, featuring a variety of brunch options and dishes called "bowls". Between that and the white marble everywhere, it's safe to say this restaurant is made for students. It's a VSCO girl's dream.

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Anyway, onto the food itself: I was pleasantly surprised by my pizza. As a quantity over quality kind of guy, I was pleased to find that the portions were more than satisfactory in size. And this was a pretty mean feat for Canopy to pull off given the fact that I was mega hungover that afternoon.

My mate Luke seemed to enjoy his "bowl" too, even if he didn't understand half the stuff on the menu. I guess when you reach the soaring heights of in-restaurant dining, you run into these problems.

So, final thoughts: Canopy is a good restaurant, and I can't stress that enough. The food, decor and vibes are all just *chef's kiss*. The healthy options are definitely a bonus, too.

But, of course, we're all still students at the end of the day, doomed to return to our pot noodles and microwave meals as soon as the overdraft runs dry. So enjoy it whilst you can!

As for whether or not I'll return… as soon as the next loan hits.