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10 ways to be the best VSCO girl you can be at Warwick

Greta Thunberg would be proud

By now we've all heard of VSCO girls, right? You know, the girl with the beach blonde waves, and scrunchies up her arms? She's almost certainly wearing a shell necklace, scavenging campus for Rolf, or turning up to pres with a hydro flask full of vodka. In short, she's the girl we all wish we were.

But what if I told you that YOU can become a VSCO girl, too? That's right, soon you'll be able to "sksksk" and "and I oop-" with the best of 'em. All you have to do is follow these 10 tips:

Leading a greener life on Warwick campus is easier than you’d think! And you could even save a bit of much needed money, too…

Here’s how:

1. Bring your own reusable coffee cup to coffee stores

Not only will you reduce plastic consumption, but you will also save yourself 20p on your drink! And being a student, 20p off your hot chocolate at Curiostea will make all the difference.

Don't have a reusuable cup or the stamina to walk to Canon Park? No problem. Both Rootes and Curiostea sell them.

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(And I) Bamboo(p)

2. Go to the vintage clothes sale in the SU

If you dont already know, A VSCO girl doesn't follow trends when it comes to clothing. Why? Because she is the trend. Dripping in recycled ocean plastic jewellery and vintage jeans she bought on Depop, the VSCO girl does not participate in the fast-fashion industry.

So why not take a leaf out of her book and head down to the vintage market in the SU? Not only can you grab yourself that oversized vintage Ralph Lauren jumper you always wanted, but you can look super edgy in all your lectures. Bonus!

3. (Bluebell students, this one's for you) Ditch the Uber and walk to Canon Park

The walk to Tesco may seem arduous after a hard day of lectures, but when you reside in perhaps the boujiest accomodation on campus, how about walking to get your groceries as opposed to dialing an Uber to Canon Park (yes, it has been known).

True VSCO girls never Uber, they take a campus bike sksksksk and I oop –

4. Pop along to the SU on Tuesday's and Thursday for zero waste produce

VSCO girls are no stranger to a good old farmers market. The SU runs a farmers market every Tuesday so why not have a mooch? You'll win brownie points if you bring one of those beige net bags. (Just don't bring any change with you).

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Fresh and sustainable? We love

Not on campus on Tuesdays? Never fear! You can always try the Warwick Uni Food Co-op on Thursday for good organic loveliness. And, just a head's-up: they're currently on the hunt for volunteers. It's the perfect way to VSCO your CV!

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The Warwick Uni Food Co-op

5. Organise flat grocery deliveries

We get it. After a long day of lectures, seminars, and the dreaded uni bus, the last thing you want to do is think about food shopping. But if you organise grocery deliveries as a flat, you’ll be sorted for the week.

Even better, you'll be saving money and fuel consumption with each big shop. That means that the earth (and your pockets) will be a little bit greener!

6. Opt for the vegan (or veggie) option

A true VSCO girl will have "plant based" written in her bio just so she looks like a sophisticated vegan. Seem too daunting? Why not try swapping your BLT for a MLT (mushroom lettuce tomato if your a newbie to the veggie side of things). Ditching meat and going vegan – if only for one meal – really does make a difference.

And it gets even better! You can insta story your bouji #acaibowl and add it to your VSCO girl highlights.

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This could be you

7. Take advantage of the recycling points on campus

I know you might have assumed that the recycling bins around campus were just Warwick being Warwick, but I can assure you that they're here to stay. So take full advantage of them. A VSCO girl doesn't need to consult the beginners guide printed on the bin to know how to recycle.

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8. Take a shorter shower

Instead of pulling off the tags in your uni accomodation shower, it's actually useful to do what it says. Take a shorter shower! You wont just be saving the planet; you'll be saving yourself from being late to that dreaded 9am.

Feeling adventurous? You may even opt for a cold shower – you'll be out quicker than you can say "is anyone going POP tonight?".

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Only in Bluebell x

9. Turn off the switches when you leave the room

Nothing bugs a VSCO girl more than people leaving unused switches on. Call yourself an envionmentalist? Turn it off.

10. Opt for the dairy free alternative

Eyeing up the new Pumpkin spice latte in Cafe Union? Why not try it dairy free?

If you're a true VSCO gal, you will know to choose Oatly barista over soy milk any day.

And there you have it! If you follow these super simple tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming the VSCO girl you've always wanted to be.

After all, Warwick might drink purple, but inside we're green.