Stormzy reveals he once lived in Leamington and even got into a fight at SMACK

‘Walk in the club with all of my tugs’

Grime superstar and "Shut Up" rapper Stormzy has revealed his Leamington Spa roots in a recent tweet.

Asked to confirm if he ever lived in Leam, he responded "fact."

He was then asked if he ever attended our Tuesday favourite, Smack, to which Stormzy responded that he had and that he'd even got into a "brawl" there.

Smack's tiny size, ridiculous queues, and "backup dancer" bouncers is the perfect recipe for a "brawl." Which is why we're not surprised Stormzy found himself in the middle of some scraps.

This news has left us with many questions. Was Stormzy more an upstairs or a downstairs clubber? Did he too take advantage of £1 Jägerbombs on a Tuesday?

We're sure Stormzy's lyric "the man in your pics, backup dancer" is definitely a reference to some tosser photobombing your pictures at the Smack photo wall.

The news has caused much excitement amongst Warwick students. One student took to Twitter to remark that Stormzy should be the SU's honorary pres.