Sustainability, charity and diversity: Here’s everything you need to know about LINE’s upcoming fashion show

It’s called fashion, baby

LINE is Warwick's number one society for fashion and arts, and if you don't know about it, where have you been?


LINE IS BACK ! No1 Fashion and Arts Society on campus ✨Checkout the video to see what the society has to offer

Posted by LINE on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

With fresh new faces on the exec team, LINE have taken the stance to rebrand fashion on campus, focussing their efforts heavily on sustainability, charity and diversity.

With fashion being the second most polluting industry, and with a seriously bad reputation for unethical behaviour, sustainability has always been a volatile subject, and LINE are taking the initiative to make a difference here.

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The annual fashion show is their biggest event, and will be happening in February 2019. LINE plan to collaborate with sustainable, environmentally friendly brands to provide clothes and accessories.

They are also promoting ethical fashion by reducing the amount of fur and leather from the show. Eventually they plan to ban animal materials from their events altogether. This will be the first time for one of Warwick's fashion societies to adopt such a sustainable strategy.

On top of this, in the future, they are planning to run workshops where you can design and make your own clothing using 100 per cent sustainable materials.

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LINE has also developed a long-standing relationship with the global non-profit charity UNICEF. Most of their events give around 20 per cent of profits to the charity, whilst the fashion show next year plans to give around 50 per cent.

In February the society are running a 5k charity run in order to raise awareness for children suffering with worldwide water issues.

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LINE are currently calling for models to walk in the show in February, and are pushing emphasis on diversity. They want models of all sizes, shapes, colours and ethnicities. And there you don't even need to have had any experience in modelling.

Castings are this week on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd November. You can sign up here.