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Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Warwick’s first ever Week 0

Finally, we’re having a Freshers’ week!!

Gone are the days of having to get up for lectures, meetings and seminars while partying during freshers', because for the first time ever, Warwick University will be having a whole week dedicated to fresher events WITHOUT any academic commitments.

So, in celebration, we've dissected all the information about what's happening, when, and where- so that you can enjoy week 0 for what it's truly for- doing absolutely nothing.

Move-in weekend, 22nd-23rd September

This is the weekend where all the new freshers officially move into halls- probably the most hectic time on campus.

On both days of the weekend, there will be the informal SU Welcome Fair, from 11am-5pm on the Piazza and in the SU Atrium. There'll be your general "Welcome to Warwick!" stuff, where you can pick up things like posters, society leaflets, and generally a range of things you will put in your room and never need again. Nonetheless, it's a great thing to go to and look around with your new flatmates, so you can really get into the swing of being a fresher at Warwick.

Must do: visit the Oculus, where there will be a Warwick photo-booth to use for free, so that you can take some cute snaps with your new friends, or your family who are half crying at the thought of you moving to uni. Either way, they make for cute keepsakes.

It's also worth picking up a Freshers' T Shirt for £5 from the Piazza, which will get you into the SU event that night, as well as doubling as a great pyjama t-shirt for the coming year.

Night-time: MTV Welcome Party. This'll be the first time you get to go out at Warwick- so enjoy every moment of it. Take pictures, make friends, have fun, then have an afterparty in your flat, because the event finishes at 1am.

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Monday 24th September

Societies Fair: A crucial event to attend. It goes on all day, from 10am-4:30pm, showcasing half of all the societies that Warwick has to offer. Bring your student ID and head down to the Sports Centre to get involved. Be prepared to sign yourself up to A LOT of societies, take advantage of their freebies, and see what Warwick has to offer.

SU Indoor Market: This is basically like a jumble sale for freshers. Buy yourself a cactus and a poster for your new halls room.

Night-time: Foam party at the SU. Keep your phone safe, don't bother wearing makeup and wear clothes which you'll gladly put in the bin straight after the event because it gets MESSY.

In Leamington, Dappy from N-Dubz is performing at the Assembly, which is bound to be an entertaining night to say the least.

Tuesday 25th September

Societies Fair: This is the second instalment of societies at the fair, in the same location and at the same times as Monday. It is worth attending both fairs, obviously because they showcase different societies.

Social for Commuting Students: It's in the name- if you're not living in uni halls, then this is a social for you to meet new people during freshers, from 3pm-5pm in the Graduate.

Night-time: Musical bingo at the Dirty Duck. This is a sober social for anyone that wants to get involved from 10pm- midnight.

The club night in the SU is Avalanche presented by Warwick Snow, where you'll get another free t-shirt and the chance to get a glitter make over as you queue. Ministry of Sound will be hosting with resident DnB DJ, Harriet Jaxxon on the decks.

Wednesday 26th September

Sports Fair: If you want to join a sport at Warwick, you shouldn't miss out on sports fair. It takes place in the Sports Centre, from 12pm-6pm, and usually gets really packed, so go early to avoid crowds.

International students, meet and mingle: For any international students wanting to mingle with other international students, really. 2pm-4pm in the Dirty Duck.

Night-time: Quackstar Karaoke in the Dirty Duck, from 10pm-midnight, if that's your thing.


Thursday 27th September

Make your Mark! Fair: This is for anyone wanting to know more about the Warwick community, from SU Democracy to volunteering at Warwick. 10am-2pm in the SU Atrium.

Disabled students meet and greet: Dirty Duck, 6pm-6:30pm.

Night-time: Dirty Duck pub quiz, a sober social from 10pm-midnight for anyone wanting to assert their knowledge before term even begins.

The SU club night is Playlist, showcasing the best of house, dance and DnB until 3am in the Copper Rooms.

Or, you can go to Smack in Leamington, obviously.

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Friday 28th September

Sports Day: Taking place at various locations around campus, this is a way to informally meet club members, and play some sport before you decide what clubs to commit to. 11am-4:30pm.

Night-time: Reflektor in the SU, will be serving "contemporary and classic indie floor-fillers."

Or, if you want a staple decent night out, Neon in Leamington has your back.

Saturday 29th September

Inflatable Fun Day: The Piazza. Inflatables. Say no more.

LGBT+ student meet and greet: From 12pm-1:30pm in SUHQ, which is right next door to Rootes Grocery Store.

Night-time: Freshers Festival– the infamous club night which marks the end of freshers week. Prepare for glitter, banging tunes and the whole SU flooded with Warwick students enjoying the last night out before work begins.

Sunday 30th September

As relaxed and chilled out as Sundays get, there will be a BBQ and film screening on the Piazza. Rumour has it, the film is Pixar's Monsters University.

Monday 1st October

It might be the first day of actual work, but there's still one freshers event left.

Hall Wars– the night where freshers take pride in their halls, battle against each other in club competitions (spoiler alert, Rootes always win.)

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