Here’s what you should actually be wearing to every club night at Warwick

One does not simply dress the same for Smack and Neon

Monday: KASBAH

What you should wear: Tight and bright – something like disco pants would be the ideal choice here (however don't go too far, one statement piece is enough).

Why: It's the one club where Warwick students get to socialise with people from another university and so our rep is at stake here – standing out is a must! Kasbah is just tons of fun anyway, so it's a good time to show off your favourite pieces.

Tuesday: SMACK

What you should wear: Definitely not the colour grey, and bring a jacket. However, you should absolutely still put in some effort for Smack, because your drunken self will inevitably beg for another group photo by the wall. It doesn't matter if you do it every week, you are in no way ashamed.

Why: Once you're downstairs there's nothing preventing you from becoming a part of the gruesome sweat fest – grey therefore is not the colour for you. Go for something relatively loose, and black. Oh and the jacket? Obviously to keep you toasty while you wait in the queue for approximately eight hours.

Wednesday: POP!

What you should wear: Literally anything (plus your ancient pair of alcohol-soaked Adidas that have seen better days and now mean nothing to you).

Why: Although POP! can be a sticky, sweaty night, it's pretty wholesome in the sense that literally anything goes, and we have circling to thank for that. Even if you're not circling, there's nothing stopping you from wearing something crazy – just claim you're part of some made-up society e.g. Ancient Greek Speaking Soc.

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Thursday: [see SMACK]

Friday: NEON

What you should wear: Your most stylish outfit (some cool velvet trousers, a boob tube etc).

Why: Neon has earned a lot of respect over time – it's better than Smack (sorry guys but it is) and everything else we've got on offer. Also, Friday's are for getting dressed up and feeling your best – you've had a tough week, so go all out.

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Saturday: ASSEMBLY

What you should wear: Leather jeans, a casual tee, Vans, Converse etc.

Why: At the Assembly you want to look cool but feel chill – it's a completely mediocre venue with subpar music (although with the right group you'll undoubtedly have a fantastic night). The last thing you want is to feel like you've out-styled the place

Side note: If Zephyr is open, you want to put on your cargo pants and grab yourself some rave shades (see Kourtney Kardashian's Insta for inspo) so that you can at least try to blend in with the drum and bass crowd. If you still need help, tie your sweatshirt around your body diagonally, you'll hate it but you'll fit right in.

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Any night: KELSEYS

What you should wear: nothing special.

Why: For a place that expects you to drink gallons of alcoholic green sludge in a basement that is merely an excuse for a nightclub, one needn't put in effort at all – don't waste your good outfits and keep it casual guys, please.

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