Incoming freshers, these are all the things a Warwick second year wants to tell you

Get to know your circle and purple


Freshers’ is an exciting time for everyone. You move away from home for the first time, make loads of new friends and might have one too many messy nights out.

Second years have mostly fond memories of Freshers’, but they do have regrets.

So here is a survival guide for all you incoming freshers – as told by our second years:

Go to everything and anything in the first term

Society fairs, test days, socials – honestly, the list is endless. The point is to go to anything and everything you possibly can. It’s the best way to get to grips with what societies will fit you best, but more importantly, it’s a great way to meet people outside your flat and course.

Do NOT choose 9am seminars

By this point, you may have already chosen your seminars. If you have and you have a 9 am, good luck my friend. You will need it. Every second year we asked agreed that 9ams were a death wish.

Especially the morning after POP, you’re not going to make it.

Speaking of POP, as a fresher who lives on campus  – it is your duty to go

Everyone loves POP, and if you don’t you aren’t a true fresher.

Circling is a big thing

You’ll start hearing the term ‘circling’ within a few days of being a fresher. Circling is basically Warwick’s society pres, where the society sits, well, in a circle, and plays drinking games with purple. Purple is basically a snakebite and Warwick’s favourite drink.

There are usually two social secs running the circle. And just to let you know, you WILL be called out as a fresher. Make sure you know where the nearest toilets are for your first few circles. Things will get messy.

Don’t miss your seminars

Your tutor will notice, and you’ll feel lost in the course if you miss too many.

Use your department resources as much as possible

It’s the easiest way to learn personal techniques for essays and exams, to know what the department expects of you, and to get to know your tutors. Coming in from A Levels, you’ll be used to a specific technique and structure. At uni, they want a much more fluid style – so getting to grips with this in your first year was recommended by most second years I spoke to.

Also, most second years emphasised to try not to do all-nighters in the library. The temptation is definitely there given that it’s open 24 hours, but you’ll experience a ridiculous amount of stress that can be easily avoided.

Try not to hook up with your flatmates

Although there have been a few happy endings to this tale, the majority of people had experiences that ended in complete awkwardness. If the idea of having to avoid your flatmate for the rest of the year, and falling out with the rest of the flat doesn’t frighten you- then go ahead. We’re just warning you.

If you hold pres, be prepared for your kitchen to get wrecked

Horror stories we heard included: trashed kitchens and drunk people passing out in someone else’s bed for 14 hours. Perhaps some of the worst were stories of waking up to vomit-filled bowls and shit-stained bathroom walls. Host at your own peril.

Use your accommodation for studying

Most of you will find your first year doesn’t count. If you’re taking up space in the library when you have a perfectly good desk in your room you will find second and third years hating you from a distance – and for a good reason.

Use the online resources

There are SO many resources online – so use them!

Explore outside the bubble

The Warwick bubble is great and all, but have you even been to Smack yet? Because it will change your life.

Enjoy your first year!

First year is meant to be a great time before officially studying hard in Second year, so relax, take it all in, and enjoy your time at the best uni ever.