International students told us their biggest struggles living in Warwick

‘Living on campus is claustrophobic, too small’

Being one of the most international universities in the world is what Warwick such a diverse and exciting institution.

Although it is a fun place to be, we asked international students if there are challenges of being at Warwick. Here is what they told us.

Jimena, first year, International Business

I am from Spain and my biggest challenge is the weather, especially the rain. I miss my family and friends the most. Also the idea of not having to cook or clean.

Shandeep, first year, Economics

I am from Singapore, and what I miss most from home is my family and the fact that I can travel easily wherever and whenever I want.

Jonas, first year, Accounting and Finance

I am from Lithuania, and the biggest challenge is the language barrier and the food. The food is the worst.

Muhammad, second year, Management

I am from Pakistan and in UK there is more freedom – it seems that no one cares. It was a challenge to get use to the culture, environment and making new friends. What I miss most is my family and my car.

Nadia, first year, International Management

I am from Bulgaria and the biggest challenge of living in the UK is getting used to the fact that the cars are in the other side of the road, but what I miss most from home is food.

Andrei, first year, PPE

I am from Romania and my biggest challenge of living in UK is to get use to the university life, which involves cooking, washing, studying and partying – it takes longer to adapt as I expected.

Joanna and Anna, second year, Moors and Financial Accounting

Joanna: We are from Bulgaria, and my biggest challenge living in UK is the weather, food, missing my friends and family.

Anna: What I miss every day is the sun and the beach.

Arthur, first year, International Business

I am from France, and I don’t believe in challenges or difficulties. For me, living in UK is an opportunity to make new friends and learn from a different culture and environment.