Where would we be without Vialli’s?

Leamington’s unsung hero

You’ve had so many nights out in Leam you literally can’t remember, but one thing you will never forget is our beloved chicken shop. It’s more than just the only drunk food available after 3am, it is our local watering hole, a social hub, and plays host to many precious memories you probably won’t wake up with.

Here’s all the times Vialli’s was there to save the day:

I cba to wait for the Uniexpress

You’ve had enough and can’t stop thinking about home. The club is now cold and the lights are no longer doing anything for you. The Uniexpress isn’t coming for another hour and there’s no way in hell you’re paying £25 for a taxi. Where will you go? What will you do? Chicken.

You can count on Vialli’s and it’s fine dining experience to take you under it’s wing for a couple of hours, and you won’t have to smuggle your cheesy chips onto the bus either.

Kicked out of Smack and proud

It’s not the biggest achievement, but it happens quite a lot. You didn’t actually do anything wrong but you’re too incoherent to argue with the bouncers. Katie’s not going to stop crying about being manhandled till she gets her hands on those chicken nuggets either, so what better way to save your evening than strolling down the parade to your favourite restaurant. Nothing makes you feel the way you do like food.

With such a large variety of fried chicken, Vialli’s has something for everyone (except vegetarians).

The clueless fresher’s lunch

The classic unwitting fresher ventures into Leamington during the day for the first time ever. You vaguely remember the streets you had been running around in the night before. You stand opposite the church and say “this place looks good.” The word is familiar.

It’s the start of a beautiful love affair.

Your last hope with your chirpse

The club is closing and you’re running out of time. Maybe you can make your move in the queue. Vialli’s doesn’t just serve wings, it’s the ultimate wing man. Asking a girl to get some chicken is much more enticing than inviting her home with you.

Healing your paralytic flatmate back to life

Because chicken nuggets ARE life.

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s safe to say that Vialli’s has changed the landscape of clubbing at Warwick massively, always there for us through thick and thin. It’s not just the only stable thing in our nightlife, it is a feat of chicken shop engineering.