Miliband came to Warwick but none of you are even there

No bacon sandwiches this time

Photogenic Ed Miliband laid out his vision for the UK at Warwick uni, except most of us are on holiday. 

Despite the majority of students living miles away in Leamington, the Labour leader decided to hold a speech on campus yesterday in the International Digital Laboratory – which only party members could attend.

Announcing his plans to abolish the non-domicile rule in the event of a Labour victory in the General Election on May 7, he made no mention of students and his promise to slash tuition fees.

With only certain Labour voters present, many questioned the point of his visit.

ed battlebus

There was even speculation that the Labour leader was scared of facing potentially difficult questions from students who did not agree with his policy.

French and History student Jess O’Brien was one of many who reacted negatively.

She said: “His reluctance to address students says to me that he’s afraid of the questions he may receive.”

For those lucky enough to be political aligned with the Party however, Miliband’s speech seemed to be received with much praise as can be seen through James Wilkinson, Warwick first year Law student who represents Labour in Alcester.


With such an open election looming the effects of Labour’s decision here will soon be clear to see.