Cloudfleet on cloud nine after Battle of the Bands win

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

If your ears happened to survive this experience, give yourself a pat on the back.

After five heats, with 30 bands competing over seven weeks, only one band could emerge from the battle victorious.

Last night, after a lot of nail biting and head banging, Cloudfleet were crowned the champions of BOTB 2015.


Who knew ambient math pop was so good?

Hannah, the vocalist of Cloudfleet, was ecstatic at the result and stressed the high level of talent in all the finalists.

Silver went to Feralsect and Funk the po-lice got the bronze.


Funk the Po-Lice doing their thing

The grand finals line up this year was: Feralsect, Nakpat, Funk the Po-Lice, Cloudfeet, The Ready Wednesdays and BABU. The six bands fought tooth and nail, or microphone and guitar pick, to impress the judges and win over the crowd.

Maybe should have taken some of these


Feralsect’s lead vocalist being post hardcore

The mix of genres blasting out in the Copper Rooms ranged from post-hardcore and metal, to funk and experimental indie.

With student bands anything goes, as proved by a particularly original song about household appliances taking over the world.

Mosh pits erupted twice during the night, leaving second year history student, Henna Chauhan, ‘ready to piss her pants.’


Nakpat, featuring fake blood

The judges’ decision was not unanimous and with such rabidly loyal fans supporting each band the ruling was fated to be controversial for some.

Ruby Davies, second year Engineering student, said: “Funk the Po-lice were robbed!”

The night ended in a blaze of Kelsey’s glory.