Stick with Nick…?

We have a look at what our pres has and hasn’t achieved this year.

We thought as the SU elections are fast approaching, it might be worth a quick look at what our beloved President has achieved, with his £18,450 salary.

As far as The Tab’s concerned, we think this is money well spent. Just look at all the manifesto promises Nick has kept over the past year!


– Put bus timetables up in the Union that are up-to-date and accessible – there are a few of these about the Atrium

– Keep Floor 2 as a group work space whilst working to improve the quiet study areas – Was it even going to change? Presumably it was this or a policy about bears shitting in woods.

– Wrote a blog… Tried to take credit for the Costcutter initiative, no Nick, that wasn’t you.


– Install radiators on both floors [of the Atrium] as originally planned – it doesn’t have to be that cold!

– Put a podium in The Copper Rooms – it breaks up the dance floor and adds to the atmosphere. What atmosphere?

– Free condoms available as you leave every night out – for all the sex we at Warwick have.

– Open the Bread Oven late and serve snacks including chips and healthier alternatives to the Kebab van – It wasn’t him who introduced 24 hour Costcutter either…

– Get a better variety of live acts in your Union – we have the capacity, so we should use it! Agreed! Bring back Wiley!

– Encourage more societies to have socials in the SU, like at Top B with reduced drinks prices – Top B has almost been abolished!

– Let you transfer tickets between University Cards even if the event is not sold out.

– More drinks price equality throughout different Union venues.

– Knock down walls and make an open plan environment downstairs where the Sabbs should sit – You can ask Nick about this from his private offi…. Oh wait! This actually might happen but it’s been on the cards for years.

– Give the media societies a proper home that they can call their own – The media societies don’t actually want to move. However, if they do, any room for The Tab?

– Transform the space above the Duck from disused storage into a practical space for societies and events. Someone dumped a load of shit on shelves. Does this really count?

– Create a smartphone app and mobile site to buy tickets easily online and compliment The Bubble printed version with more up-to-date relevant news and information.

– Play RaW in the Union buildings and elsewhere on campus – Last year RaW was played in the Bread Oven, this year it isn’t. Radio 1 have broken out the champagne.

– Integrate Facebook on the SU website with events, photos and more.

– Use the SU website and Facebook to reach the widest possible audience.

– Lobby the University to increase floor space in the new library expansion and not just change the entrance and café.

– Continue working on internationalisation and integration projects – the SU is here for every one of us.

– Continue to fight Visa changes and keep our campus multicultural. No need.

– Better contact time, both in class and one-to-one.

– Have smaller seminar groups.

– Better access to core textbooks.

– Continue the Taken for a Ride campaign, supporting the L1 bus service and aim to compete with Stagecoach and the U1 buses on price and frequency – If you’re still waiting for the L1, IT’S NOT COMING!!!!

– Create a car share scheme which rewards students who share their car with friends. If you have three or more passengers, parking is free!

– Under the new fee structure, students expect more for their money.  It’s down to your Union to lobby for a better academic experience.


– Change the doors at the bottom of the ramp to automatic ones – it will make the place warmer and improve disabled access – This actually happened before Nick was even elected – THE POWER!

– Put in more comfortable furniture, giving you a place to eat your lunch, meet friends and study.


– Power sockets in the centre seating area, making it a practical meeting space. Viva La Revolucion!

– Use online votes/polling in order to gauge student opinion on current policy debates outside of Union Council and General Meetings.

– The New Leamington Study Space – make it as good as it can be and look at opportunities for expansion.


– Merge your University Card and your Eating at Warwick card so everyone has it from day one.


– Lobby to move the Student Post Room back to Rootes from Westwood

So when the polls open in Week 8, we think Nick can be confident in knowing he’s achieved so much as our beloved (and fairly well paid) representative this year.

So remember when you go to vote next week, stick with Nick! You never know when the bus companies might change their timetables. When they do, we need a man who’s going to dish out the new leaflets!