Everyone’s favourite 24 hour takeaway Buddies has closed its doors for good

No more carbonara or table service at 4am

As if clubs being closed for almost a year hasn’t made our student experience bad enough, we now have to bid farewell to our favourite 24-hour dining experience on the Brighton Seafront.

There have been anxious whispers online following the disheveled appearance of Buddies in the past few weeks. But as the Argus explains, owner Andy Cheesman has now come forward to explain that Buddies will be developed into a new restaurant.

goodbye old friend

Instead of the fast-food culinary delights we were used to throwing back after a night out, this venue will transform into a restaurant serving fresh and local produce that is cooked-to-order, as the Argus reported earlier today.

As an homage to this quirky post clubbing destination, here are our favourite things about the restaurant that explain why it holds such a special place in our hearts.

Food for 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The only other place we can think of other than some supermarkets that was open 24 hours a day, before lockdown of course, is the library. And we all know where we would rather be.

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Where else could you order a full English breakfast with all the trimmings steaming drunk at 4am? No need to panic over last orders or close, or to wonder whether food will have run out. This gem of an eatery was open all day long with a whopping great choice of meals.

We probably would not have had Buddies at the top of our list for a gals’ brunch at 10 am on a Saturday, but the option was always there as backup and that is why we loved you so much, Buddies.

Seafront views

To us, a standout feature of this iconic venue has to be its panoramic view. You can quite literally sit, eat, drink and battle the need to throw up all with a beautiful, albeit often dark, view of the sea.

This also makes Buddies especially convenient for those who don’t fancy a cheeky chicken. Of course, all students love a greasy wrap from Seaside Kebab after your night out, but are they going to allow you to sit at a fully laid table with spaghetti bolognese, and Garlic bread at 5 am? I think not.

Calamari, pasta, pizza and steak

Have you ever been disappointed by the lack of variety offered by Burger King or Mcdonald’s? We all love a Chicken Royale, but sometimes having the choice of what feels like a bible length long menu is a much more tempting offer.

Most of us are quite content with their iconic warm, fluffy, and salty cheesy chips drowned in mayonnaise. But their other options – steak, lasagna, or even mussels in white wine sauce – make you feel as if you have stumbled into a nice restaurant with your parents for dinner, instead of a fast-food venue with someone you have just met in Pryzm.

Albeit their steak and eggs did cost a hefty £14, making it a less appealing choice, but the red leather booths of Burger King will never quite match the red checked table cloths or salt and pepper shakers at Buddies.

The toilets (hear us out)

How many times have you stumbled into Burger King, finished your meal and needed the toilet, and have had to seek out a member of staff to present you with a voucher? A literal ticket is required to enter their toilets so you can empty your bladder full to the brim of VKS from a Wednesday sports night.

This is another example of Buddies surpassing our expectations of a fast-food eatery. Once full from your fine dining experience, you can use their facilities without a voucher or queue. They are clean, accessible and a noted hotspot to witness Freshers embarrass themselves. A perfect end to the night.

It’s absolutely massive

Have you ever had to split your group of mates between two or maybe even three tables because there simply isn’t enough room for all the debauchery on one table? That might have been the case in other venues across Brighton, but not in Buddies. From tables of two to tables of eight, Buddies could fit everyone – provided it wasn’t full to the brim with freshers.

Fancy a lap of the room to sober up, or scan of the tables to do some mixing? Buddies is your place. Its spacious size meant you could lap the room in search for past flames, people you miss or friends you lost in the club.

Rest in peace Buddies, we’ll never forget you.