Sussex students’ pets to brighten your day

Uni life may stressful at the moment, but cute pet pics are sure to give you a mood boost

It’s great news that there is a road map out of this pandemic and a trip to the pub is hopefully in reach before the end of the academic year. But we’re still in lockdown for the time being, which can be quite hard on your mental health and happiness. When we’re all at uni we could go to a doggy de-stress session to get some fluffy cuddles, but that isn’t possible at the moment, so we’ve created a virtual pet de-destress session for you.

Up first are mans’ best friend: the dogs! Coming in all shapes and sizes there’s a lot of cuties to choose from, but who is your favourite good boy or girl?

Up next are our Sussex students’ cats, while there are fewer the selection is just as cute!

The may be the most popular choices of pet, but cats and dogs aren’t the only fluffy companions Sussex students keep for company, who could resist the fluffy gentle nature of a rabbit?!

While it cant compare to the real thing, we hope this has given you the much needed serotonin boost to get you through to the week. The end is in sight of when we can return to the days of in person pet de-stressing!