Meet the team of Brighton and Sussex students behind The Big Student Podcast

‘It will feel like you’re listening in on a conversation with your mates’

Yesterday The Big Student Podcast was finally announced after several months of preperation and behind the scenes work. Its three hosts, Janelle, Taylor and David are a mix of Brighton and Sussex University stduents. It is produced by Rox Promotions and Sussex Uni Masters student, Rosie Bettis.

The Sussex Tab spoke to Rosie about The Big Student Podcast and what the future holds for the brand-new student podcast series. Here is what she had to say:

What is The Big Student Podcast?

Rosie said: “It’s a new student run podcast series which offers weekly episodes discussing the latest student news, juicy topics and the all-important student gossip. We first had the idea to create this podcast over a year ago but coronavirus threw a spanner in the works and delayed the production of it. We felt like there was a real gap in the market for a genuine student led podcast that discussed real issues and highlighted the voices of students, which at the moment is actually more important than ever.”

Can you tell us more about the hosts and the rest of the team?

“So The Big Student Podcast team is very small at the moment, but we like it that way for now whilst we find our feet. The podcast is produced by myself and Rox Promotions, and hosted by three lovely students from both Brighton and Sussex University Janelle, Taylor and David. The three hosts are all very different in character so we really showcase a range of opinions and perspectives, but they’re also really good friends in real life which makes it fun to listen to because I think you almost feel like you’re listening in on a conversation with your mates.”

Pictured: Taylor, Janelle and David

What are the episodes going to be about?

Listeners can expect a variety of topics, Rosie said: “We’ve got a huge range of episodes lined up, but essentially each episode will touch on a variety of student issues, some which may be topical at the time. In the first episode you can expect discussions over whether Universities should be offering students rent and fee reductions, debates over vegan food and some valentine’s day horror stories. The episodes will always be based on what is going on in the student world at the time so it’s constantly changing which is really exciting to be a part of.”

What about guest apperances?

“We can’t reveal too much yet, but you can expect lots of Brighton based familiar faces, especially people in the food and music industry. We’re also hoping someday to get some student representatives from University to discuss some important student issues with us. Essentially, we want to be able to get a range of people on the podcast from big name to smaller local influencers to share their own personal stories, advice and touch on their own experiences.”

Lastly, why should students tune in?

“No other podcast like this exists, so for students this is the perfect place to hear about really important, relevant topics, get access to exclusive deals and competitions and join in the conversation by having their say in polls.”

Rosie added: “If anyone wants to get in touch or has any suggestions of things they’d like to discuss, they can DM us or email at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.”

Their first episode is dropping tomorrow on Spotify and YouTube.

For more information head over to their Instagram or Facebook.

Featured image courtsey of Rox Promotions.