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Sussex named as one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly Universities

PETA named us in their top 20 leading vegan campuses

Whether it’s to save money, to make more consciously ethical choices, or to do their part for the environment, students all over the UK are turning to the vegan lifestyle.

Large food corporations seem to be listening to the demand, and according to The Vegan Society, in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation.

Universities are also getting the message, and animal rights foundation, PETA, have spotlighted those providing the best and most accessible vegan options in the UK, naming the Top 20 Most Vegan-Friendly Universities in an official list this week; and Sussex is one of them!

PETA are a UK-based animal rights charity campaigning for species equality and the ethical treatment of all beings through research, education, legislation and protest. So, whilst they are largely for systematic change, they also take the time to acknowledge the steps institutions like Sussex are taking towards a cruelty-free culture.

They particularly commended the options provided by On the Pulse, Sussex’s vegan food bar providing healthy build-your-own vegan and gluten-free meal deal options across SussexFood providers on campus since 2015.

Thanks to Falmer Bar and Northfield Bar, vegan students also don’t have to miss out on those cheap and dirty hangover cures, with plant-based burgers, nachos, burritos, Sunday roasts, fry-ups and so much more gracing their menus. Just remember to ask bar staff which wines and beers are vegan/vegetarian, as many aren't!

The amazing Earthlings stall at the Tuesday and Thursday food market in Falmer quad is also a very popular and totally vegan choice, offering meals like battered tofu and some of the best chips you will ever try. Keeping to Falmer House, the union shop offers plant-based pastries and a great stock of Urban Eats vegan wraps and sandwiches, whilst Room 76 always has delicious vegan cake on offer.

Also naming the University of Brighton among their top 20 universities, it’s no surprise that the city as a whole has attracted PETA’s attention as a particularly vegan-friendly place to study.