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I did a Skype date with my Valentine: A guide for long-distance lovers

A disgusting dose of 21st-century romance, you’re welcome

Long distance love, the bane of all couple's lives when it comes to Valentine's Day. The distance created by the move to university can pile on the pressure, and on a special occasion like Valentine's Day, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to keep the sparks flying from afar.

Lucky for you and your long-distance lover, we've trialed and tested the most romantic Skype date possible, and have come back with the results to make your Valentine's just as romantic, and cheeky, as the rest. Here's our guide to getting you and your boo through this wonderfully pointless holiday.

(Note: these steps [up to step 6..] are also applicable to dates with cats, dogs and any other home-bound loved one you may be missing this romantic season.)

Step 1 – find the time

Whether you're both at separate unis or your other half has taken the step into RL adulthood before you, it can be pretty difficult to sync-up schedules, even for a quick natter on the phone about what you had for lunch.

But despite the seductive allure of an after-dark date, a romantic meal can be had at any time of day. Who says a coo over breakfast can't whisk your lover off their far-away feet?

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The epitome of class

Step 2 – set the mood

When romance calls, sitting in your kitchen/living room waiting for your housemate to interrupt and announce that you're out of loo roll isn't ideal.

So set up a table for one (and your laptop), at your bedroom desk, with enough candles to help you forget that this is where you suffered through your last deadlines. Remember, love doesn't care what your tenancy agreement or extremely sensitive smoke alarm, and left over mouldy cups of coffee do not get you in the mood.

If you're on campus, maybe disconnect from Eduroam and hotspot your phone instead. There's nothing worse than being cut-off mid romantic declaration by a bad connection.

Step 3 – scrub up

The best thing about at-home Skype dates is the minimal effort you have to put into your outfit. Not that your other half isn't worth it, but why co-ordinate top to bottom when all your date can see is your head and shoulders?

When footsies under the table isn't an option, don your favourite shirt but keep the trackies and slipper socks on. Thankfully, love is blind to your comfy legs and feet tonight.

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Cosy is the new sexy, am I right?

Step 4 – something to drink?

What would a romantic meal for two be without something strong to wash it down? Plus, sipping a glass of rouge across the screen from your honey makes the tragedy of drinking alone on valentine's that bit more acceptable.

Although you technically can't enjoy the romance of sharing a bottle, this does mean more dirt-cheap Aldi wine for you. Win-win!

Step 5 – a gourmet meal

Love may be blind but it can definitely taste. On student budget, your options may only extend to a gourmet bowl of cereal with some added strawberries for extra romance – but it's the thought that counts.

Also, because of the distance, you don't have to argue over which restaurant to go to, or which takeaway to get. Just make sure you're both enjoying some grub before your cyber date turns into a live mukbang no one asked for.

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About as 'Lady and The Tramp' as this date was gonna get

Step sex – I mean 6!

Nope, phone sex is definitely NOT a thing, especially if your single housemate is crying into her Ben and Jerry's in the next room – that's a real mood-killer. However, if things do… escalate and those sexy pyjama bottoms come off, at least it's guaranteed to be practiced 'safely', right?