Which pre-drink is your Sussex University halls?

Everyone loves a good strawpedo

All you lovely freshers are well and truly settled into your beloved uni halls, whilst all you second years are thankful to finally be out and into actual houses. But, which pre-drink truly represents these places we are forced to call home? From vodka to sangria to a glorious G&T, our beloved uni halls have it all.

Park Village – Tequila

Park Village is the halls that nobody wants. Don’t deny the fact you wanted Lewes Court or Brighthelm but got stuck with this pathetic excuse for an accommodation. From no social space to ladybug infestations, there’s really nothing fab about this pit. So, naturally, tequila seems like the perfect fit. No one ever wants it and you always feel like a pile of dog shit after drinking it – let's be honest here. You’ve run out of other options and you try to grin and bear it, but you know you’ll finish the night in tears probably lying in your own vomit. Simply lovely.

Park Houses – Jagerbombs

Sorry, what's that? No one really understands the Park Houses, probably because there are an unknown number of them. When telling someone you live there, an expression of confusion usually follows with questions such as, "wait, so that's park village right?" Jagerbombs seem like the perfect match for this. After downing four, confusion of where you are usually follows.

Stamner Court – Wine

Another weird accommodation – I can hear you all thinking, "wait what’s Stamner Court?" It's that building under the subway by the train station that no one really acknowledges. As they're pretty out of the loop, wine seems the perfect pre-drink as let's be real, you'll drink a bottle and then want to go to bed. Exactly like a Stamner Court resident as they can't be bothered to venture onto main campus.

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Working hard, or hardly working?

Brighthelm – Tinnies

Ahh, the homely halls. Everyone’s guilty pleasure and the queen of house parties, it’s got to be a couple of tinnies. Easy, comforting and often a little warm from not all fitting in the student-sized fridges, tinnies are the perfect pre drink to chug in the comfort of your own living room. You’ll probably end up having such a good time, that you won’t even bother going out.

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Smiling because we heart tinnies

Swanborough – Sangria

This accommodation is smaller than Northfield, but a lot more expensive, meaning you get less for your money but the perk of living close to Co-op. This highly resembles that of sangria, a glorified yet much more expensive fruit juice with just a dash of wine.

Lewes Court Phase One – Rum and coke

The cheerful happy-go-lucky halls that is consistently adequate at Sussex, it’s got to be rum and coke. Everyone loves it and it tastes great no matter what time of day. With this mixer, you're always guaranteed a decent time on a pretty average budget.

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When you go food shopping at six, have a deadline at seven, but are hitting the club at eight

Lewes Court Phase Two – Gin & Tonic

Undoubtedly nicer than phase one with an en suite included, gin and tonic is slightly more suited to this lovely halls. A drink that can be drunk slowly at leisure with a slice of lemon and three ice cubes, or easily necked two minutes before the beloved N25 bus shows up. What's not to love?

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A good time with a touch of class

Northfield – Prosecco

Prosecco, darling. Do you even need to ask? The classiest of the halls of course and 100 per cent ready for trouble in their wannabe chic flared trousers and bucket hats. Kitchens are often decked with fairy lights in an attempt to make it feel more sophisticated; there's no other drink to match this popular accommodation.

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Oh so upper class

New East Slope – VKs

As lovely as it is, we are all bitter over the fact that it's arrival marked the end of our beloved East Slope Bar. So, it only seems fair that VKs are allocated to this upper class accommodation. Whilst extremely delicious, they'll never be anyone's favourite drink due to how horrendously sweet they are.

Old East Slope – Vodka

A little tribute to our beloved, whilst longing for their Tuesday night SKINT events to come back. The old East Slope itself was always guaranteed to be a banging night, so vodka in any shape or form seems the perfect fit. From shots, to mixers to drinking it straight up on the bus ride into town, you can’t go wrong with a bit of vodka. That is, until you throw up at three in the morning; perfectly grimy just like our beloved Slope – RIP.

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Get it down ya girl