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Here are the most Instagram-worthy cafes in Brighton

Who even needs a Starbucks?


One of the best feelings in the world is stumbling across a hidden gem which no one really knows about, and Brighton is famous for this. More so, these hidden gems are especially found in the form of independent cafes.

Not only do these cafes boast the best coffee in the area, they also house the best interiors, providing the best photo opportunities for your 'gram. You're welcome.


An oasis found only moments away from Old Steine, Redroaster promises lots of minimalism, green plants and yummy foods and drinks. Also, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE not to take a pic in the toilets, as they alone are worthy for the gram.

Presuming Ed Coffeehouse

With an impressively colourful façade, Presuming Ed Coffeehouse does not fail to stand out on London Road. Arranged in a retro setting, the cafe is also a bar, and with a menu ranging from coffee to beers, there is something for everyone in this cosy yet cool interior.

Cafe Marmalade

For anyone who is a fan of shabby chic, Cafe Marmalade, found on Eastern Road, is the one. Attracting the young, the old, cake, coffee, and even salad lovers, this coffee house is a friendly, scenic and delicious hub.

The Flour Pot Bakery

With six cafes situated across Brighton and Hove, including Elm Grove and Dyke Road, The Flour Pot Bakery consistently promises minimalist and photogenic serenity. (FYI: their sourdough bread is just as divine as the café’s aesthetic).


If you're looking for a quiet place, whether that be to read your book, to study, or just for a good catch up with a friend, that also serves the best coffee and cake, and is also placed within the hustle and bustle of Brighton, look no further than the cosy, wooden interiors of Pelicano.

Twin Pines

A peaceful sanctuary in the midst of Kemptown, Twin Pines promises reasonably priced coffees, two floors of seating and of course, instagrammable opportunities. Just like Redroaster, the toilets are just as impressive as the cafe itself.

The Plant Room

Judging by the name, you already know what to expect. Drinking the tastiest latte on one of these comfy sofas whilst surrounded by art and, of course, lots of plants? I doubt there is anything better.