We’re on the lookout for your best snaps of Sussex in the snow

There’s snow place like Sussex

Whilst it may be cold and disruptive, one thing is undeniable; the snow sure is pretty. Whether you’re a wannabe Elsa, a so-called edgy photographer or just a big kid at heart, we want your snowy Sussex pics.

You’ve seen everyone else’s all over Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, your Grandma’s fridge and you’ve taken an abundance of them yourselves. So go on, collect them up and send them to us for a chance to be featured in our ‘Best of Sussex in the snow.’ I’m sure they’re really cool and after all, there’s snow place like Sussex.

Submit them now by attaching them to a comment down below, or privately message them to us through The Tab Sussex Facebook page.

So go, play, frolic and snap away!