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Prices for new East Slope accommodation released

It is a lot more than the previous East Slope

The unnamed new Student Village will be opening it's doors for the new academic year, 2018/2019. A number of rooms will be released, with the rest of the rooms being available for 2019/2020. The rent for these new rooms has been revealed to be £156.55 per week, just over the cost of a room in Northfield or Swanborough.

This year, a single, en-suite room in Swanborough would cost you £153.01 per week while the same room in a Northfield flat would be £151.86 per week. These prices are both being increased for September, as a result of inflation, to £156 per week for both accommodations.

The new student housing will provide 2,117 rooms, with approximately 300 being ready for the first phase of occupation in September 2018, almost 300 fewer than the current East Slope residence.

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East Slope, which is due to be demolished at the end of this academic year, was the cheapest accommodation on campus, with 2017/18 students paying £88.56 per week for individual rooms and £67.47 to £77.77 for shared rooms.

Park Village has now taken the cheapest spot of all the accommodation, with 2018/19 students just £90 for a single room and shared bathroom. This is only £1.44 a week more expensive than the current East Slope.