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There’s a Hackathon taking place right here on campus this weekend

Do you have an app, website or or creative project idea and want five free meals?

You're probably thinking, what on earth is a Hackathon? First of all, you are not being taught how to hack into your ex's computer.

A Hackathon is an event, usually lasting 24 hours, where people come together to build, create and develop new ideas. Whether it's an idea for an app, a website, or you just want to pop along to see what all the talk is about, there's definitely an incentive to go. Plus there will be loads of friendly faces there to help you (and food).

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The event is taking place on campus in the Chichester 1 labs this Saturday 11 to Sunday 12. The staff will start registering guests from 11am before the actual 'hacking' takes place from 12pm Saturday until 12pm Sunday, with the closing ceremony being at 5pm.

The Hackathon is completely free, down to help from the School of Engineering and Informatics as well as some sponsors. All you have to do is fill out a form to get a ticket from their website here, where you can also find out more about their sponsors.

What's more, hacking isn't the only thing on offer this weekend. The Hackathon will be generously serving a total of five meals over the course of the 24 hours: lunch, dinner, midnight snack, breakfast, lunch. They'll cater to all your wonderfully whacky dietary requirements too- they're very considerate, this tech lot.

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As well as the meals, there will also be guest speakers from the tech industry over the course of the 24 hours who shall also be on hand to influence, intrigue and inspire.

The event is being run by three Sussex computer science students, Peter Lloyd, Sam Kennard and Elliot Massen, all of whom shall be there at the event.

So, why not pop along? You are in no way obliged to stay for the full 24 hours, but you'll be encouraged to return at the end to share and engage with the projects that have been worked on throughout the day.

All images courtesy of Hack The Midlands.