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We asked students from other unis what they think of Sussex

Everything from politics, to food, to drugs is green

Sussex, a small but vibrant university nestled in the glorious South Downs just twenty minutes from one of England's coolest towns. The campus offers green spaces, good sunsets and East Slope Bar, everyone's favourite drinking establishment.

Of course, we know all this, but what do students at other unis think?

“You go to Sussex if you’re not posh enough to go to Exeter and not edgy enough to fit in at Brighton.” – Freya, Liverpool

"Sussex – when you want a degree but not that badly. It's a drug haven by the sea." – George, UCL

“Jeremy Corbyn’s visit is the only reason this uni hasn’t been totally forgotten.” – Jade, Liverpool

"It's like Camden by the coast, but classier. With lots of homosexuals and nudity and people who don't eat meat." – Dan, Southampton

"A lot of people who used to be the almost smart ones at school trying and failing to be as wavey as Brighton students." – Caitlin, Nottingham

Pretty wavey

“You just wanted to live in Brighton, didn’t you?” – Liam, Nottingham

"Ugly campus miles away from anything fun." – Connie, Liverpool

"We don't give a shit about Sussex, it's a science uni. Also, it's huge." – Harmony, St Mary's

"Hippies, vegetarians, seagulls and attractive people." – Stella, De Montfort

"Uni is compulsory and so is ketamine." – Rory, King's

Thanks guys, we'll try not to be offended.