The Student Rep elections are here

No, Jezza isn’t running for this one

Nominations for Student Rep roles have become available this week. This year 315 Student Rep positions will be available with one Rep being elected a year, per a school.

The Representatives will be responsible for ensuring the views and needs of the students in their school are considered within the Student Union and the University. Student Reps are how the University listen to the student voice and how changes are made to teaching and learning.

Students can nominate themselves for eligible positions until Monday the 2nd of October at 4pm. Fellow students will then be able to vote for the candidates online at 9am on Wednesday the 4th of October – via the SU website.

Student Representatives will receive full training and support within their positions. To apply "you do not need to be a certain 'type of person' or have any experience, just ideas on how to make things better" says a spokesperson from the Students' Union.

Reps will be expected to be in contact with students in their cohort; be available for them to speak to and be prepared to tackle issues inside and outside their committee.

Previous Reps have made incredibly beneficial changes to the community here at Sussex including working to get lectures recorded; providing more study space for students and organising social events.

Frida Gustafsson, our Union President and former Student Rep for Politics, organised a second hand book sale for students in her second year – "As a Student Rep I mostly dealt with issues regarding time tabling of seminars or deadlines for essays, but what I'm most proud of is the second hand book sale I organised in second year. I sat in Falmer House Common Room for a day and sold second hand course books – I think I made £200, although of course it all went back to the students selling their books."

Student Reps are essential to help make Sussex an even better place for students. If you have ideas for change within your discipline, get involved and nominate yourself here.