Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: William Lorimer Turner

‘Just a guy looking for someone to be the beer to my pong’

William Lorimer Turner (LT), 19 , Business with Economics

My name is William Lorimer Turner, I’m a sports scholar at the University of Sussex and also live on an island which houses 65,000 people called Bermuda. I enjoy frolicking around in the gym on a day to day basis, with a 1 rep max deadlift of 174kg I am not one to be messed with (known as a big dog).

My mates say i’m a bit of a c*** but personally, I just think I’m being very honest with whoever I’m talking to. I used to work in Subway but got fired for getting naked every time someone asked if we do anything bigger than a footlong.

I’m very addicted to a game called Beer Pong. I will beat you, challenge me any time. I’m known for never backing down from a fight, even if it’s clear I will get my arse handed to me. At clubs, I like to get up on the stage but most of the time this ends up with me getting kicked out.

A night out with me is always interesting, whether its almost getting stabbed from two guys that just tried to sell us drugs or throwing up on the bouncer’s shoes at Shoosh. If you have any flat mates that have issues with you just give me a call, I gave mine a black eye.

Everyone knows the number one rule at uni, don’t get with any flatmates. Turns out I broke this and got with all of the girls…. only for two of them to leave uni.

Basically, I’m just a guy looking for someone to be the beer to my pong. If you think that could be you, give me a call.

Interesting fact: I do tricks in a cliff jumping video on YouTube that has over 700,000 views (Never Woke Up).

Where would you take a girl on a date: NICE chicken burger (takeaway of course).

Favourite sex position: Doggy.

Most attractive quality in a girl: Personality.

Best chat up line: “I bet you £10 you are going to turn me down.”

You’re stranded on a desert island, whats the one thing you would bring: A boat.

Wildest moment at university so far: I went on a “Trip”.

Are you Ryan Gosling or Spencer Matthews: I’d like to think I am Ryan Gosling. But honestly, I am more of a Spencer Matthews.