St Andrews students face ‘disciplinary action’ after running away from 40-person party

A member of uni staff was injured and taken to hospital

St Andrews students will be facing “disciplinary action” after throwing a 40-person party and then jumping out of the windows to run away when staff arrived.

During the break up of the party, a member of staff was injured by a person trying to run away and was admitted to hospital.

An email sent to all students by Principal Mapstone said: “It is estimated there were up to 40 people present, many of whom ran away or jumped from windows when our staff arrived.”

The university principal highlighted the fact this was an “illegal gathering”, adding: “It was attended by people who clearly knew they were breaking the law, and who showed no respect or responsibility for the health of others, including our staff, their fellow students, and the local community.”

Police Scotland and the university have both undertaken their own investigations and St Andrews “will be taking disciplinary action”.

Principal Mapstone said: “Everyone knows that since the turn of the year the law in Scotland prohibits parties which mix households. The law exists for the simple purpose of saving life, and breaking it is not a game, unless you think that risking the lives of others and your own future at this university is a game.”

Sally Mapstone thanked all students who have been responsible and made personal sacrifices to support one another. She said: “I know that those sacrifices are at a significant personal cost. I am so sorry that you have to be included in this message.”

The email ended by reminding the “very small minority of others who believe they are so above the most basic duties of collective responsibility, there is no place for you in St Andrews.”

When asked for further comment, a spokesperson for the University of St Andrews said: “Students have been reminded regularly that since the turn of the year the law in Scotland prohibits parties which mix households. The university is investigating the incident.”

The university’s Covid code can be found here.

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