Vote for St Andrews’ most eligible bachelor 2020: round two

You know you want to ….

bachelor competition st. andrews

As the search for St Andrews most eligible bachelor enters its second round, we have another three lovely candidates for you to choose from. These young men all have something to offer and its up to you to decide who deserves the illustrious title of Bachelor 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? Get voting for your favourite guy and see him progress to the final!

Harry Dean, fourth year, International Relations

Fun facts:

1.) Is cool and bohemian because he grew up in Brighton

2.) loves to play cricket and is always batting ready

3.) basically travelled the world on his gap year so he can show you anywhere you want to go

What makes him the most eligible bachelor?

Harry is a fourth year that knows what’s up. If you’re looking for a guy that is always put together, Harry is your man. If you’re looking for passion, he will certainly live up to your expectations. He also has an insatiable appetite for all things sport so be prepared to be ribbed for your taste in football. However, he supports Arsenal so don’t worry about your team being worse.


Mahan Nikbakhsh, first year, English and History

Fun facts:

1.) He’s a London boy through and through and he’ll give you the best routes around the city

2.) He writes poetry and creative writing and is a sensitive soul at heart

3.) He’s a sesh legend and is known to inspire women through something he calls ‘The Mahan Effect’

What makes him the most eligible bachelor?

Mahan is an eligible bachelor because he’s the most confident first year you will ever meet. With an infectious smile and a talent for finding a good time, he’s the kind of guy you want on your contacts list. He’s also got a sensitive side and could probably serenade you with love poetry if you asked him nicely.

Instagram: he doesn’t have one, you can decide if thats edgy or tragic

Alistair Robinson, second year, Modern History

Fun Facts:

1.) He got 0 minors on his driving test

2.) He plays the bagpipes

3.) He once consumed 8 Pablos in 4 hours

What makes him the most eligible bachelor?

He is clever and kind, an absolute rock and a total laugh. He definitely knows how to have a good time but is never a liability on a night out. He’s musical and sporty so just imagine the super talented kids you could have? He’s the full package – emotionally sensitive, physically fit and will keep you in hysterics for days. What’s better than the full package?


So there you have it! Now get voting!!