St Andrews places third in The Times and Sunday Times rankings 2018

We’ve done it again

It should come as no surprise by now that our little corner of Fife is excelling in university rankings both nationally and internationally, and although I'm aware it seems we're publishing thousands of these stories, this is very important.

St Andrews has placed third in The Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2018, and has been ranked top university in Scotland, 17 places ahead of our nearest competitor, Glasgow.

Glasgow, having been named Scottish University of the Year, has done exceptionally well this year, however in UK rankings has come in 20th place.

St Andrews has the second highest level of student satisfaction in the UK and with our broader academic experience placing in first position. The 'exemplary' tuition provided here was praised and it turns out St Andrews is one of the most selective institutions in the country, with just three universities admitting more qualified freshers than those who arrived in 2015-16 (Class of 2019).

Sadly for Edinburgh, who placed just one position behind Dundee, in 24th, you'll have to try a bit harder to beat us next time. There's always Varsity on Saturday, but good luck with that.

(all credit for information to the Sunday Times)