St. Andrews has been ranked the 20th best uni in the UK

And 143rd in the world

The World University Rankings are out, and St. Andrews has found itself in 20th place in the UK and 143rd in the world in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Edinburgh, however, is in 27th place worldwide and 6th in the UK. So for once, we're the ones with something to be bitter about.

In reality however, this is actually a pretty big achievement. The world university rankings include the world's top 1,000 unis.

The rankings take into account research (perhaps the hurdle St. Andrews fell at due to being so small), knowledge transfer, teaching and international outlook.

What the table does confirm however, is that nearly half of our students (48 per cent) are international, and the ration of female:male, really is high, at 58:42.

Joining us in joining 143rd place, is The University of Florida, which in comparison has just a 9 per cent international contingent, and a much larger student body, with 46, 346 compared to our 9,005.