The Things People Will Do For Power…

Just how far are you prepared to go for your CV?

It’s week 3 (how?!) and Class Reps are already enjoying their new role representing their fellow students. Such glory, such power… You begin to wonder, what did they have to do to get there? A humble Facebook post? A quick speech before a lecture? An impromptu song in Younger Hall? All of the above were tried and tested by first years, but which was the best?

1. The Humble Facebook Post

Sometimes a gentle hello is the best way to put yourself out there. The only issue with this is Facebook gets far too overcrowded with pleas for votes. You needed to distinguish your pitch from everyone else’s – the laid back ‘thought I may as well’ didn’t prove so popular. Next time, put a little more effort into convincing your peers you’ll actually do something as Class Rep.

2. The Pre-Lecture Speech

Anything that postpones the intense scribbling necessary when the lecturer begins talking is welcome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving lectures, but an hour of trying to write down every single thing said is very painful on the wrist if, like me, you have not been infected with Macbook syndrome yet. So, the little speeches of why we should vote for you merited a thumbs up. Also, when you don’t know anyone on the Class Rep page, the guy who spoke for 2 minutes on Monday becomes the obvious choice.

3. The Impromptu Song

No, no and no. I am amazed that you had the confidence to sing in front of 300 people, and appreciate you put a time and effort into it but I was not a fan. Monday mornings are not a time for rhythmic clapping or high notes. Save it for Friday afternoon. Especially when your song choice contains anything that’s awkward to sing in front of a senior lecturer: I think we all cringed when academic incest was mentioned.

So, the pre-lecture speech wins but the impromptu song gets points for trying. next time Class Reps come around it would be fun to see some out-of-box ideas. Cupcakes iced with the face of the candidate outside lectures? Lining Buchanan with fliers? Whatever it is, do something. No one votes for someone they don’t know.

Oh and please avoid Facebook! When the news feed is overwhelmed with speeches, your fellow students may be too fed up to vote at all.