What to Wear: DONT WALK

Stand Out at Don’t Walk

Looking to stand out at DONT WALK this year? The edgier the better! It’s time to break boundaries and stand out from the crowd. DONT WALK is the perfect event to express your own unique and quirky style.

This is the time to use your imagination and to try something new. I know it’s difficult but don’t just cling to wearing your classic Little Black Dress, step out in something daring and eye catching. This is a fashion event, so you want to be one of The Stand’s best dressed!


This year there is an element of street meets chick – guerrilla fashion fused with high-end brands. Dig out your shorts, leather jackets, statement pieces, bold jewelry and prepare to mix and match. This is the one event where you can break free from tradition. DONT stick to the typical conservative dress and heels.

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Take this as an opportunity to experiment with colour! It’s so easy to resort to  black, but wearing a vibrant colour can be really attention-grabbing and make a fashion statement. Another way to stand out is to wear different textures, try velvet or leather. One of the designers featured at DONT WALK this year is Majka Sajda who has some beautiful peacock feathers in her “CINDERELLA” collection, so maybe you could try and channel that (http://majkasajda.com/page/lookbook).


Quirky jewellery is a must! Matching your outfit with the right jewellery will give you that extra edge over everyone else. Steer clear of classic pearls or diamonds and try something a bit more creative. There is some amazing, hipster jewellery out there. Find it and you will be ready for DONT WALK!


Clutch essentials! ‘DONT WALK’ is an important event, so there are certain items you will need in your clutch to maintain your beauty. First of all lipstick or lipgloss is 100% neccessary. This year try a bold colour lipstick to make your lips look seductive. This will also tie in with looking edgy and daring! If you have a small bottle of perfume that you can squeeze into your clutch, then I would advise you to bring that too. It will give you a feeling of freshness as you move from the fashion show to the afterparty. What ever you do, don’t forget concealer! Concealer is vital if you want to get that look of unblemished, radiant skin!