80 mph wind, 30 ft waves shut down transport across Scotland

Look out that library window… SNOW!

For the last few weeks the temperature in St Andrews has been hovering between bearable and downright warm, often with the possibility of jumper-only days. but today’s weather has come to pop our Bubble.

I’m sure you have all heard and felt the winds throughout the night that threatened all the single-glazed windows and brought the cold in with them. However, these seemingly innocent winds have caused travel delays and rail closures across the country this morning, as winds have been blowing between 60 to 80 miles per hour in some parts of Scotland.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.49.47 PM

Rail companies such as ScotRail are still being affected by closures and severe disruptions to all of their lines. Since most bridges in Scotland have been closed or only allow single decker traffic, many bus routes have been disrupted or cancelled altogether.

Though it is expected that the wind will have passed by the end of today – with the Southward cold descending from Iceland – unfortunately this means it is time to prepare for freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow. There is also the possibility of coastal flooding in many parts of Scotland as waves just north of St Andrews were seen reaching 30 foot peaks last night.

The weather reports are not so bold as to enlighten us of severe weather conditions around the time students will be leaving for Christmas break in two weeks, but here’s to hoping we make it out. Through all the closures and shivering, the moral of the story is this: winter is here and it won’t let us forget it.

Images courtesy of bbc.co.uk and news.stv.tv