Review: Christmas Ball

Christmas Ball beautifully rounded out the busiest weekend on the St Andrews social calendar.

Chocolate fountains and drunk students are not normally a combination which go well together.  At the final ball of the semester, Christmas Ball, this seemingly dangerous mixture was just the start of a what turned out to be a wonderful evening.  Hosted at the go to location, Kinkell Byre, Christmas Ball started out at the Rule, inviting guests to join the Mermaids in drinking and listening to performances from numerous a cappella groups.  Having an organised pre-drinks is not something other balls indulge us in, so everyone there was certainly getting into the swing of things (or a swig of things, bud um bum).

Christmas Ball 2013-1-8

The entrance to Kinkell was bedecked with a mulled wine stand, free champagne, bacon/sausage/bratwurst rolls, and of course the chocolate fountains with over 8 different types of chocolate. Though Kinkell is certainly tired as an event space, utilizing a different entrance into the space almost revitalized the entrance. Willy Wonka gates invited us into the main section of the ball, with fairy lights galore and Christmas trees hanging upside down from the ceiling (right-side-up is so mainstream). As the first day of the Christmas season, this was certainly the way to celebrate in style.  With Chocolate factory themed cocktails, the Violet Beauregarde was particularly lethal, gingerbread, biscuits and sweets at every turn, free Jenetta’s ice cream and well stocked bars had everyone sloshed and stuffed… nothing better to be.

Christmas Ball 2013-1-3

The music moved not-so-seamlessly between live performers and DJs, leaving 10 or so minutes of awkward dead time. Both were on top form however and had everyone, and we mean everyone, on the massive dance floor from when we walked in at 10 and stumbled out at 2.

Christmas Ball 2013-1-5

The decorations – Christmas trees galore, huge gingerbread men (unfortunately not edible), Santa in his sleigh, and everyone behind the bar in festive jumpers and Santa hats – were all truly fabulous!  Outfits were all holiday themed with glitter at every turn, drinks were flowing, the free food was plentiful and every guest was in the Christmas spirit, with a lovely touch being the bar staff’s Christmas jumpers.  The perfect way to start off the Christmas season and an amazing revitalization of Christmas Ball itself.


Images courtesy of Lightbox Creative