Five things you must listen to

The best tunes of the week from every genre!

Katy Perry Prism

After the success of her internationally best selling album Teenage Dream, the current contender for pop queen has returned with yet another collection of uncannily catchy tunes. If you’re in the mood for an interesting and certainly surprising look to the past however, check out Katy’s eponymous debut album released under her real name, Katy Hudson.

Pulsedriver The Single Collection

If you’re interested in a large collection of dance hits stretching from the late 90s to now, check out this 30 track single collection that is bound to supply any party with a few backing tracks.

WireTree Get Up

Fans of bands like Stornoway or Noah and the Whale, will find this album a good edition to your iTunes. Songs like “Marching Band” and “Take Us Away” are supplemented with a bit of piano and drums to give this acoustic band a rockier edge.

The Raveonettes Observator

With a name like Raveonettes, an album cover with shadowy figures, and songs that seem ghostlike, this Danish band provide an album that seems too close to something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem to not have drawn inspiration from such a masterful writer of the Halloween season.

Rachel Grimes Compound Leaves

With a title perfect for the middle of Autumn, this collection of soothing piano songs makes the listener feel like sitting by the river to watch the falling leaves hit the water and move downstream.